Surabaya – The victory of Soekarwo-Saifullah Yusuf (KarSa) as Governor and Vice of East Java 2008-2013 annulled by their rival. Khofifah Indar Parawansa refused to accept the counting result announced by East Java Regional Election Commission.

"We refuse to accept the result of the counting and continue our legal process to the Constitutional Court," exclaimed Khofifah in a press conference held in Agis Restaurant, Letjen Sudirman St. No. 197, Surabaya, Tuesday afternoon (11/11/2008).

According to Khofifah, the Governor Election in East Java this time was the dirtiest direct election ever happened. It was because there were many cheatings in its process; whether in the election process itself or in the counting process.

Khofifah took as example, violation evidence found by her team plenty found in Madura. One example is counting on the basis of village and not voting center. There were many C1 forms that was crossed or erased. Besides that, there were many voting center opened by the side of a road.

She regretted the statement from the watching Committee at the second day of the election by saying that there were no tricks in this time election. It turned out that there were many found.

Meanwhile, one member of Kaji (Khofifah-Mudjiono) success team, M Mirdasi explained that vote counting done in Mercure Hotel did not reflect democracy in East Java. Because it could not be accessed by people due to overrated security.

"I thought President would like to visit Surabaya that made the security was so tight," said Mirdasi cynically.

Meanwhile Kaji Success team today sent a protest letter to East Java Election Commission. The success team also demanded that the election in Madura area had to be restarted because in Madura, many cheating practices were found like illegal addional voting center in Sumenep, Pamekasan and Sampang.

"If the result is recounted, we do not have to see the entire East Java. Looking at Sumenep and Pamekasan was enough to win, Kaji must win," he added.

Complete story regarding governor election result in East Java could be seen at: detiksurabaya. (fat/gik)


Photo: Doc. MK PR/Wiwik BW

Translated by YOGI DJATNIKA / MK

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | 17:28 WIB 271