Constitutional Court held second trial for Dispute Cirebon Regional Election Result on Tuesday (11/11), at Constitutional Court Plennary Court Room. The case was filed by Cirebon Regent Candidate pair Djakaria Machmud dan PRA Arief Natadiningrat (Damar) against Cirebon Election Commission.

In the trial for Case No. 30/PHPU-D-VI/2008, Petitioners Legal Counsel R.Hikmat Prihadi, S.H. delivered 28 evidences that the Petitioners assumed to support their suspicion that there had been violation of election principles  during the event of the election, for example report receipt from Election Watchers Committee considering money politic suspicion conducted by Board Secretary, stabbing of one of Damar pair’s member of success team by their compatriot’s supporter, a wife of an officer that elected more than once, also fixed electors list that did not meet the deadline.  “Supported by result of a survey conducted by an institution in Cirebon also National Election Institute, the violations mentioned in the evidences affect Petitioners absence in the election day,” explained Hikmat.

About the evidences, Constitutional Justice Maruarar Siahaan commented that there had not been any evidences that supported Petitioners claim for substraction of 114.230 votes. ”One hundred and fourteen thousand is a massive number. How can you prove that? Explain it by showing violation evidences that influence the number. Prove it, Man!”, explain Maruarar humorously.

Maruarar advised, “We have to be concrete. We have to be able to locate where the Commission have done wrong. If there is a crime, let them be punished. Here, (Constitutional Court) you have to show numbers. “

Besides Maruarar, Constitutional Justice Maria Farida Indrati also reminded the Petitioners not to see the survey result, because it might not be precisely according to the reality.

Before closing the trial, Head of Justice Panel Board, Arsyad Sanusi, announced that the next trial would be held on Friday (14/11) scheduled to hear Witnesses from both Petititoners and Petitionees. (Kencana Suluh Hikmah)

Photo: Doc. Constitutional Court PR / Wiwik BW

Translated by YOGI DJATNIKA / MKRI

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | 16:23 WIB 201