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There was no relationship between the raise of fuel prices with impeachment. It is said by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Moh. Mahfud MD when opening the Dialogue Meeting on Constitutional Court Procedural Law, a cooperation between the Constitutional Court and the Indonesian Armed Forces Headquarter, Friday (22/5), in Jakarta.

Mahfud explained that by ending the suspicion of the Parliament that the President had committed the violation so that impeachment was needed was actually the authority of the Constitutional Court. But, according to the 1945 Constitution, there were five things that could be used as the ground for impeachment, they were if the President was involved in bribery, corruption, betrayal of the state, committing serious crimes, and conducting improper activities according to the Constitution.

The definition of improper activities, explained Mahfud, was something which could dropped the President’s credibility. In other words, the raise of fuel prices could not be used for impeachment. “So don’t impeach President easily,” reminded Mahfud at the end.

The Meeting about Constitutional Court’s Procedural Law was a routine event held to socialize the Court’s authorities in Indonesian Constitutional system together with its procedural law to members of the society with various backgrounds. [Kencana Suluh Hikmah/Yogi Djatnika]


Monday, August 25, 2008 | 07:16 WIB 208
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