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Regional Representation Council gave high respect to government s policy that allocate 20 percent of the total budget in 2009 State Budgeting as a form of big attention to education field, apart from the fact that it was according to the mandate of the constitution.

In the City Council s Special Assembly Meeting in Nusantara Building of the Parliamentary complex Senayan, Friday, Chairman of the Coucil, Ginandjar Kartasasmita stated that the Council appreciated the government’s movement.

"It is really an honorable step and we have to appreciate the President, because the decision was taken when our economic condition is in the recovery stage and many agenda need to be prioritized," said Ginandjar.

Even though so, Ginanjar reminded that the big allocation of budget for education had to be spent effectively and able to accelerate development in education sector. Hence, Indonesia can overcome the drawback in Human Resources Quality.

Central Government and Regional that will receive big part of the education budget have to sit together setting up plan so the massive fund hits target.

"Don t let the fund be used for something that does not give direct impact on the improvement of education quality," said Ginanjar. (Ant)


Photo Courtesy of Constitutional Court Public Relation Doc.

Translated: Yogi Djatnika

Saturday, August 23, 2008 | 12:18 WIB 194
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