LEADER of the Indonesian Advocate Union (Peradi) requested some supports from the House of Representatives related to the strengthening of the existence of the advocate organization.

The step was taken alongside with the rising of similar organization some time ago, that is the Congress of Indonesian Advocate (KAI). “We want some support for the strengthening because lately there are several advocate organizations,” revealed the General Head of National Board of Leaders of Peradi Otto Hasibuan after meeting the Speaker of the House, Agung Laksono, in the Parliament Building, Jakarta, yesterday.

Otto said that Peradi was a legitimate organization according to Act No. 18/2003 on Advocates. According to the Act, an advocate organization was formed two years after the Act was passed on. Peradi at the moment has approximately 20.000 members. Peradi so far had conducted the task as an organization of profession. Otto demanded that Peradi be strengthened and no other similar organizations. “We also have made the socialization to many Courts that Peradi is the legitimate one,” he explained.

Head of the House, Agung Laksono, said that his party would not back one of the parties and respect all of them. “There are two parties that we see them equally. Also what it seems like from the political point of view,” he said. Agung said that Peradi de facto had received support from the President. Besides that, they had also had support from the verdict of the Constitutional Court that was considered final. (dian widiyanarko)

Source (25 Juni 2008)

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Translated by Yogi Djatnika


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