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Jakarta, Kompas - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was demanded to start the selection process of the constitutional justice candidates from the government side. This was due to the short amount of time available.

”Get it ready! It is the end of June, in early August there should be candidate names. Don’t let the government be suspected to boycott the Constitutional Court (MK) because of not sending the justice candidate names,” said the constitution law observer, Irman Putra Sidin, Monday (23/6) in Jakarta.

According to Irman, the government could no longer use the selection method like the one in 2003. The condition had changed. At that time, the Constitutional Justices were directly appointed due to the constitution target. ”Now, it should be well-prepared,” he said.

Up to this moment, the selection process of constitutional justice from the government handed over to the President Consideration Board (Wantimpres), had not been executed yet. The Board had been doing the socialization to a number of Non-Government Organization and Universities. Until the end of May, a member of the Board, Adnan Buyung Nasution, said that they were still looking for the best format and method to measure a statesperson.

Seriously Supporting

Taufik Basari from People Alliance for the Constitutional Court said that he got an piece of information that the Board did not have a legal protection to do the election. The support from the government was considered not enough. The President should have seriously supported the work of the Consideration Board.

According to him, the Board had to use the time available efficiently. He expected that within this week, there would be serious development in the selection process of the Constitutional Justice.

Before the selection process was done, he said, the Board had to formulate the method, mechanism and standard of value measurement. After that, they could search for names according to the standard then announced the names to the people.

”The Board has to give sufficient amount of time for the process. Don’t let the process in the Parliament happen again. There is only a short amount of time for inputs,” he continued.

Separately, Monday, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Andi Mattalatta, explained that to select the Constitutional Justice Candidates, the President conducted a “long distant” fit and proper test. The Government examined then chose the proper candidate based on the thought and writings.

At the moment, at least there were 20 people the properness of whom examined to be proposed as the Constitution Justice candidate from the government. In the meeting with Commission III of the Parliament, Monday, the government were also demanded to do the selection transparently. (dik/ana)


Photo: courtesy of Constitutional Court Public Relation doc.

Translated by Yogi Djatnika (MKRI)


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