The Commission of General Election expected that the decision of the Constitutional Court on the judicial review on Act on General Election No. 10/ 2008 filed by the City Councils could be settled before the opening of the registration for new members, Friday (27/6) tomorrow. This was to make the Commission easier in registering new candidates for members in the 2009 General Election. And, if the decision of the Court granted the petition then the Election Commission could make some adjustments.

"We hope that it can be settled soon, if possible before the registration of new candidates for members of the Council," said the Chief of the General Election Commission, Abdul Hafiz Anshary, to the press in Jakarta, Monday (23/6).

Abdu Hafiz Anshary said that according to the mandate of Act No.10/2008, then for the registration of candidates for the 2009 Election, there were some differences compared to the 2004 Election. The differences lied in the residence requirement for the candidates. In the recent Act, a candidate did not have to be from the represented province, another difference was that the candidate could be from a member of a political party.

The Election Commission could not postpone the registration period either. It was due to the reason that five months before the Election, that is 5 April 2009, the Commission had to fix the list of candidates for all members of City Councils all over Indonesia. (Arjuna Al Ichsan)

Source www.jurnalnasional.com (June 24, 2008)

Photo: Doc. Of Constitutional Court Public Relation


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