All public offices should also be functioned as learning-teaching media because the world is changing rapidly.


“That is what I do in the Constitutional Court,” said the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Jimly Asshiddiqie, in his opening speech at the Coordination Meeting Between the Constitutional Court and Deans of Law Faculty and Constitution Study Center all over Indonesia, Friday (20/6), in Jakarta.


Besides learning, Jimly requested all officers to willingly teach because there were many stakeholders to deal with in every position. “We have to tell them, what comes under our jurisprudence,” said Jimly.


To the deans, Jimly also reminded them not to merely teach but also to provide services to the stakeholders transparently and easily. This is the effort to push transparency. “Apart from the things that should be kept as secret because of the position, for example in the court, the verdict, should be kept as secret before the reading,” stated Jimly.


Openness is needed so there will be a control mechanism or vice versa in order that the position managed could be developed well from time to time. “Let us make our position as learning and teaching media,” advised Jimly.


With the learning-teaching and transparency spirit, the Constitutional Court, continued Jimly, tried to make cooperation with the Universities so that the judiciary world will be more transparent. Having reached that far, Jimly also invited all law enforcing institution, such as the police and attorneys to take part in the same activities.


Indonesia, Jimly explained, had chosen democratic way, that was impossible to run well without the implementation of due respect of law. “For that, through this cooperation, we hope that it can awaken a new spirit to build law and judiciary environment according to the development of the era,” said Jimly.


What he meant by the development of the era was the advanced of information technology. Nowadays, many developed countries have used it to strengthen their database in law information, one of which is the complete set of legislation. “For that, all law graduates and professionals should be willing to learn so that they will not left behind with the development,” expected Jimly. (Wiwik Budi Wasito translated by Yogi Djatnika)


Monday, June 23, 2008 | 10:20 WIB 209