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To let democracy mature, the awareness to keep pluralism value is necessary.

The Head of Executive Committee of Democrat Party (DPP Partai Demokrat) Anas Urbaningrum though the direct election for President in 2004 actually added public trust to the Government.

Anas stated, nowadays majority and minority politic competition was a natural expression in democratic system. To let the process mature, he added, strong awareness of public to keep the pluralism value was needed.

"Democratic process which is in progressing today does not violate the Constitution or 5 Principles (Pancasila). But, we are still searching for the best form of 4th Principle application, and it is normal in the newly democracy formatting process," he stated in Gerakan Jalan Lurus Seminar, in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/11). The Governor of Yogyakarta Special City (DIY) Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and Secretary General of Indonesian Democracy Party of Struggle (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP)) Purnomo Anung also came as the speakers.

Anas criticized the regional government who was not capable to show the spirit of unity.  As example, phenomena which showed some governors rejected cash aid (Bantuan Langsung Tunai (BLT)). It showed that the local leadership nowadays had no relation with national policy. "It shows the incapability of the governor to tell apart their position as governor or as a politician.”

Secretary General of PDIP Pramono Anung had the same opinion. The democracy conducted now did not violate the local wisdom value. But, the government asked not to forget about pluralism. "And it is the truly essence of democracy." Anas and Pramono requested all element of the nation to let bureaucracy system mature as a way to keep the national stability.

The Province Way Out of The Line

Governor of Special Province Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono said that the practice of regional autonomy that produces uncontrollable the local leaders was because the concept of decentralization was misinterpreted as division of authorities between the central and the local government. AS the result, the development in the regions, most of the time, did not have the connection to the spirit of national development.

According to the Soultan, there was a different in the definition of democracy between the central government and the locals. In the national level, democracy is seen from the side of majority and minority political logic by focusing on competition. As the result the Officers in the central government only paid attention to the supports and consolidation they had. This is on the opposite of the people in the regions that still prioritizing togetherness as the main power.

"This is immature democracy that is directly implemented in the people. Regional autonomy is only used as a strategy in getting some shares from the central government; however, that share is not in form of authority but merely instruction," he said.

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