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As a newly formed organ, the Constitutional Court should always try to improve its quality. So that, the Constitutional Court of Republic of Indonesia co-operated with the Constitutional Court of Turkey conducted an information exchange program through staff internship.

As a first step of the program, Indonesian Constitutional Court would send two staffs to do study visit to the Constitutional Court of Turkey . The staffs were Head of Case Administration Department, Muhidin, and a staff of Mass-Media Sub-department, Yogi Djatnika, who would be in the Constitutional Court of Turkey for three weeks, and they were hoped to be able to get a lot information from the Court to be executed in Indonesia, especially in the Constitutional Court..

“I send them to learn the work mechanism of the Constitutional Court of Turkey. When they are back, they have to make a report about what they did there, including what is the positive things which can be executed in Indonesian Constitutional Court,” said Secretary General of Indonesian Constitutional Court, Janedjri M. Gaffar.

Janedjri also explained that after sending his staffs to Turkey, he hoped that the Constitutional Court of Turkey also send their staffs as a respond.

Now, the Constitutional Court of Turkey is handling political party s discharging case. It would be an interesting topic in the visit. “Inspite of my obsession to learn the general administration process in the Constitutional Court of Turkey,  I am interested to learn how the Procedural Law of Political Party s Discharging, because it may be happened in Indonesia,” Muhidin stated. (Yogi Djatnika/ Kencana Suluh Hikmah)

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