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Vice Chairman of Legal Commission of the Parliament, Soeripto, said that the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas Ham) did not have to investigate Human Rights violation in Indonesia. Because what more needed was to optimize the performance of the existing investigation institution.

"If they want to conduct the investigation, Komnas HAM should use experts like from the Attorney Office and The Police," said politician from Justice and Prosperous Party Fraction to Tempo, yesterday. Even the Corruption Eradication Comission, he added, actually conducted the investigation with help from the two institutions.

He responded to the statement of Kabul Supriyadhie from Komnas who questioned the continuation of the result of the study on Act No.26/2000 about the investigation authority. Because, the National Commisiion would have the same authority in investigating like the Corruption Eradication Commission.

According to Suripto, right now the hot issue was the jamming investigation on Human Rights violation cases in the Police and the Attorney Office. Because of that, he wanted to hear direct explanation from the two investigating institution in the next meeting.
Source (06/04/08)
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Translated by Yogi Djatnika (MKRI)

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