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JAKARTA (SINDO) – The Lawmakers planned to insert the clause of management arrangement of judicial organization to the revision of the Supreme Court Act.

The arrangement, said by a member of the 3rd Commission of the Lawmakers, Patrialis Akbar, was ordered to guarantee the transparency of the administration in the judicial organization. “The arrangement has been there in the revision of the Supreme Court Act, and we will survive for it, so the judicial organization will have the clear and obvious arrangement about transparency”, Patrialis explained yesterday in Jakarta.

He said that the transparency of the administration in the judicial organization was very important to fulfill the citizen’s need to know what had been done and judged by the judicial organization. So that, the explicit arrangement must be clear and obvious. Just like what Constitutional Court had done.

The expert of state regulation law from Gadjah Mada University Denny Indrayana stressed that we could not be sure that the inserting of the clause of the administration transparency to the revision of the Supreme Court Act would guarantee that the judicial would be fairer. He said that there should be anyone that motivate the judicial organization to be more transparence day by day. Furthermore, the spokesman of the Supreme Court though that there was no need to manage the transparency by the Act.  Because, it had been managed by The Transparency of Public Information. “There would be a conflict if it is also managed by  the Supreme Court Act”, He said. Moreover, Djoko added, transparency in the Supreme Court internally had been managed by the Conclusion of the Head of the Supreme Court which had been in use since August 2007 (rahmat sahid)

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