Karlsruhe – An effort to legalize marriage between siblings made by a german ended up in the Constitutional Court. The Court ruled out the material examination for the prohibition law.

Patrick S, has already had four children from his sister. Because of his action of marrying his sister, the trial sentenced him to two years imprisonment.

As reported by AFP, Thursday (13/3/2008), German Constitutional Court said that the punishment for Patrick was legal and carried out. The Court stated that the incest prohibition was aimed to keep weaker family and couple institution. Besides that, incest prohibition was also to prevent defected decendants.

Patrick’s Lawyer who before stated that the incest prohibition was inconstitutional. Constitution could not punish two adults agreed to have sexual intercourse.

Patrick met his younger sister when he was an adult. he first mt his sister who is eight years younger in 2000.

He was born in Leipzig, former East Germany, in 1976. because of his drunken and rude father, Patrick was put in an orphanage until adopted by a family.

In 2000, Patrick met his sister who is eight years  younger when he was united with his mother in Leipzig. They were then involved in a sinful relationship and got several children. Four of their children were mentally retarded and two of the children had mental disabilities. Even though so, Patrick refused to end his relationship with his sister.

Until finally the lower court in East Germanyy, Saxony, found Patrick guilty of breaking incest prohibition. Patrick was sent to prison not long after his sister gave birth to their fourth child in the last 2006. (aba/irw)

Source: Detikcom, Friday March 14, 2008

Translated by Yogi Djatnika (MKRI)

Friday, March 14, 2008 | 12:42 WIB 236
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