The changing of the world and the development of information rapidly has forced everybody to make use of technology, including the law and justicial world. That was said by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, S.H. in front of participants of on job training joint course of Attorney and Judges 2008, Thursday (13/3), at the Press Conference Room 4th floor of the Constitutional Court Building.

The Chief Justice underlined the important meaning from the existence of information technology. According to Jimly information technology, apart from its negative sides, could also give many benefits. To know information about law, someone did not have to go to a Law School because the information needed were abundantly available in the internet. “Even for someone who wishes to make investment in stocks, he doesn’t have to contact a highly-cost consultant. It is enough just by looking the information in the internet,” he added.

The implementation of technology can also be used to spread information about law. It is because the spreading of information in Indonesia is still asymetric. In Indonesia, the knowledge about law in the elite and in the common people is like the earth and the sky. “Different from in the Netherlands. With the area as big as Depok (a city near Jakarta) and small number of people, if a legislation is made on Monday then on Tuesday all people can be considered knowing the legislation,” he said again. To overcome that problem, the key is information system.

Moreover there is a tendency in Indonesia that a law making is more often that law enforcement. There are many regulations that are less socialized to the people so that many people do not realize the existence of the regulations. “the regulations that are implemented is the regulations are the ones in the newspaper” said the Professor in Constitution from University of Indonesia humorously.

Sense of Administration
A breakthrough is needed  by creating an administration and information system ot do the organizing. There are very few people who have the sense of administration. As an example, prisons in Indonesia, all of the employees are law graduates. “What actually needed is a psychologist, an administration expert” explained Jimly. Jimly also emphasized that administration is the heart of an organization. “Administration is the most important ingredients for the achievement of the goal of the organization,” he added. 

Clash between Law and Ethics
Besides that issue, Jimly also reminded the ethics matter. Law and ethics sometimes collide so it needs a partnership between the two things. Ethics is also needed when someone did a normative violation. Then before it increases into a crime, it could be anticipated. “Democracy can not grow without ethics. Democracy without respected rule of law will turn to be Democrazy,” Jimly said humorously.

At the end of the meeting, Jimly also stated that it will be better if in the future this occasion also involves the police to get the same understanding in law enforcement. (Yogi Djatnika)

Thursday, March 13, 2008 | 15:05 WIB 239
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