The strengthen of consolidation between nation and state elements whether political parties, people and government, also the guarantee for the availability of religious and state dialogue, were hoped to be the solution to reach prosperity and justice for Indonesian people.

That was the resume from the opening of Dialogue Forum on The Constitutional Court Procedural Law which was co-held by the General Secretariat and Registrar of the Constitutional Court and the Central Management Board of National Awakening Party (DPP PKB), Friday (7/3), in jakarta.

Early at his opening speech, General Chairman of Tanfidz Board of DPP PKB, Muhaimin Iskandar, wished that not only could the event enrich and strengthen the Indonesian constitution but it could also strengthen the political parties that became a legal instrument and determining today’s and future’s democracy.

Besides that, Muhaimin revealed, the existence of the depolarization issues, the character destruction of parties both by non-party people and the forgetfulness of the party’s cadres could be taken as a lesson for self-reflection so that in the future, the party could be a consolidation solution for democracy. “I believe that the cooperation is part of the effort to nurture our democracy,” expected the Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Board of Representatives.

Continuing Muhaimin’s expectation, in his remark the Chief Justice of The Constitutional Court, Jimly Asshiddiqie, stated that the dialogue meeting event was held as an effort to support the strengthen of political party consolidation mainly the one related with the Constitutional Court duties in the General Election 2009.

Based on the experience to solve the problems in General Election 2004, described Jimly, one of the most important thing was how to support all political parties and the General Election Commission (KPU) and staffs to be truly ready with various problems caused by the general election, including the existence of dispute over the result of the general election.

According to the stipulations in the Constitution, continued Jimly, the final and binding decision related to the dispute of the election’s result had become the task of the Constitutional Court. Meanwhike, in the Act on The Constitutional Court, it had been arranged the time limitation to settle the dispute over the result of the election. “in the effort to provide guarantee for the continuation of State’s leadership, if there is a problem regarding the dispute of the election result, all parties involved should be ready ‘at early time’ with all the possibilities,” reminded the Professor in Constitution Law in The University of Indonesia.

At this opportunity also, Jimly explained that the State also needed a consolidation. The Infrastructure and the suprastructure of the state needed to be consolidation correction. The National political system until now was still arranged, changed and improved. Jimly took as an example, if every five years (the Government-ed.) made new Act on General Election, Act on Chair Arrangement, Act on Political Party, even there was a possibility that before five years they were changed again, then the national political system would not be firmed. “Look at Europe with settled political system, there will be nobody to make the Act on General Election. What was needed was the content and not the big system,” explained Jimly.
For that, Jimly wished that the existence of the new Act on General Election, Act on Chair Position, and Act on Political Parties, they could be the basis for the national political system to come. “I wish it could become a firm political system that could be used a reference for consolidation,” said Jimly.

Towards the effort from the City Council (DPD) and minor parties that intended to have a judicial review for the new Act on General Election, Jimly reminded that all parties should not be disturbed by cases in the Constitutional Court. According to Jimly, the existing legislation was generally legal and binding until a part of it was changed because of a court’s ruling. However, before that, explained Jimly, there would be no doubt to do the way it should be. “Because filing a case to the Constitutional Court, should not hinder the performance of a legal norm existing and binding in the law,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in his speech, General Chairman of Syuro Board of PKB, Abdurrahman Wahid, emphasized that the role of the Constitutional Court was to make the constitution clearer and easier to understand. “Because of that, I express my hapiness because I could gather to do the dialogue meeting for The Constitutional Court Procedural Law. Usually, this kind of event was held by one party only, like a course. Through this event I hope that there is a dialogue, a two way communication,” said the Indonesian former President familiarly known as Gus Dur.

Besides that, Gus Dur also emphasized the need for continuing to open a dialogue room on religious and national matters. The direction of the dialogue was toward the prosperity and justuce for all Indonesian people. “in fact, we also need to do a constant repairment in order to reach the right balance among state bodies and the balance between the people’s importance and the Government,’ reminded Gus Dur before opening the dialogue meeting event. (Wiwik Budi Wasito / Yogi Djatnika)

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