The Constitutional Court conducted another trial for case No. 2/PUU-VI/2008 on the trial for Act No. 37 Year 2004 on Bankruptcy and Postponement of Debt Payment Obligation, Thursday (6/3), at the Plenary Court Room of the Constitutional Court.

In the trial scheduled to hear the Experts’ Information from the Petitioners, the Central Management Board of FISBI (Union of Indonesian Worker Association – ed.) represented by Muhammad Hafidz and M. Komarudin delivered a letter explaining that their parties had not been able to present their Experts due to their financial limitation. "Because of that we plead the Court to give us some time to present Experts," said Muhammad Hafidz.

Responding to that, Head of Panel Board of Justice, Prof. Abdul Mukthie Fadjar, gave two week time to submit written information from Experts. "Besides that, up to this time the Constitutional Court have processed four cases concerning the Act of Bankruptcy. Therefore, if at last the Petitioners fail to present Experts, the Court will use Experts’ information  from other cases concerning the Act of Bankruptcy," added Justice Mukthie.

Before ending the trial, related to the Petitioners financial limitation to present experts, Constitution Justice, Dr. Harjono, advised the Petitioners to hand in the written work of the Axperts as subsidiary evidences. "Presenting experts could be in the form of the Experts’ ideas, does not have to be the person," explained Harjono to emphasize his advice. (Kencana Suluh Hikmah / Yogi Djatnika)


Thursday, March 06, 2008 | 14:53 WIB 240
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