The Lawmakers targeted to finish the selection for Constitution Justice at the end of March. “We hope before March 31st they will have been inagurated and have said the vow," said a member of Commission III of Indonesian Lawmakers Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin in Jakarta, Tuesday (3/4).

Lukman told that if there were no assembly meeting The Lawmakers would hold the fit and proper test on March 11th-12th. But, he added, if the assembly meeting held on March 12th , the selection process would be held after that. "We’re still waiting for the decision from dari Bamus (Delberation Board-ed.)," said Lukman.

The politician from United Development Party (PPP) admitted that there was still a debate in The Lawmakers on the criteria of Constitution Justice. "Because the count is not mathematics, but quality," explained Lukman.

He told that The Lawmakers was a political organization, so however they tried to be objective, the subjectivity of them could not be set apart. "I can take it, but I hope the political sense of it is not stronger than the quality factor," he said.

Indeed, The Lawmakers let the incumbents not to do the fit and proper test, it was different from what The Lawmakers did to Amin Sunaryadi when he joined the selection for KPK’s head, but Lukman disagreed if The Lawmakers  described as having double standard. "It is done to keep a good relationship between the bodies, it is not privillage, The Lawmakers has the same position as The Constitutional Court", explained Lukman.

He said that if another candidates should explain their vision, mission, and what they would do if they are choosen to be The Constitution Justice, the incumbents only needed to state their willingness to lead for the next five years. PPP fraction itself, he said, would do the selection to incumbents based on their integrity, capability, and their independency so far. "Then, each fractions will be asked for their opinion", said Lukman.

Lukman also told that the fit and proper test was not relevant anymore to the one who had been a Justice. Moreover, he added, it was worried that in the selection process there would be a member of The Lawmakers who asked about the verdict. “The fact is, the verdict is the crown of justice”, said Lukman. []Grathia Pitaloka/ Translated By: Kencana Suluh Hikmah.
Source: Jurnal Nasional, Wednesday (3/5/2008)

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