In order to introduce the constitutional law, approximately 86 students of Fajar Hidayah Junior High School in Cibubur, East Jakarta, visited the Constitutional COurt (MK) on Monday (3/3) afternoon. Taking place at the multy function hall 8th floor, the students from VII and VIII levels lead by the Principal and assisted by five teachers were welcomed by the Head of Public Relation and Protocol Bureau, Zainal Arifin Hoessein, and the Head of Case and Court Administration Bureau, Kasianur Sidauruk.

The visit, according to the Principal, Yahya, S.Pd.I, M.M., was aimed at introducing the existence and the authorities of the Constitutional Court as one of the High State institution in the Indonesian State System.

As children of the age commonly did, the students paid more attention to and enjoyed the building and the Constitutional Court environment than to the event itself. Therefore, in order to grab the attention of the students, they were given a chance to watch the movie about the Constitutional Court’s profile before the event started.

Furthermore, slowly Kasianur gave explanation to the students about the duty and the function of the Constitutional Court in the Indonesian State System. In the explanation, Kasianur explained the authorities and obligation of the Constitutional Court as regulated by the 1945 Constitution.

“The Constitutional Court’s authorities according to the 1945 Constitution is to give a final and binding verdict on the trial of acts, disputes over State Bodies authorities, Political Party dismissal, Dispute over the Election Result and President’s impeachment,” he explained in front of students who listened enthusiastically.

Besides that, the Head of Case and Court Administration Bureau also gave an explanation on the Procedural Law or how to file a Petition and the requirements to be fulfilled by a Petitioner. He also emphasized that every one filing a case to the Constitutional Court was completely free of charge. “Starting from the registration until the Verdict is given, everything is gratis,” he explained.

Meanwhile the Head of Public Relation and Protocol Bureau, who at the beginning of the event tried to persuade the students to proceed the event orderly, also explained that whoever the person is, can file a case to the Constitutional Court.. “Even some of film artists once filed a case here (the Constitutional Court – ed.),” he said.

At the end of the meeting, Zainal said to the students not to hesitate to come to the Constitution Court if they wished to deepen their knowledge about the Constitutional Court or other law and constitutional knowledge. (Andhini Sayu Fauzia / Yogi Djatnika)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 | 12:18 WIB 257
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