Donating Blood For Humanity

After having a morning session of physical exercises, tens of the Constitutional Court staff queued before a registration table. That day, Friday (27/7), they came in throngs to participate in a blood donation program.


It was the third time for the staff of the Constitutional Court donating their blood in the context of the Constitutional Court's Anniversary celebration. According to the health section coordinator for the 4th Anniversary of the Constitutional Court, Dr. Irdana Gini, who better known as Doctor Gini, the program was a manifestation of social responsibility and concern of the Constitutional Court staff for humanity.


85 persons participated in the program which was held in cooperation with Jakarta Chapter of the Indonesian Red Cross, for donating their blood, including the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, Janedjri M. Gaffar, as well as some Echelon II officials of the Secretariat General and the Registrar’s Office of the Constitutional Court.


In addition to the Constitutional Court staff, donors also came from the neighboring government institutions, such as the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Development of Underdeveloped Regions as well as community members visiting the Constitutional Court. However, Doctor Gini said that this time the blood donation program had not achieved the targeted number of participants. Out of about 150 staff members of the Constitutional Court, only about 60 persons participated, or only less than a half of the number of staff participated in the blood donation program. "The other may be afraid of the syringes" she said half-jokingly.


For the next program, the doctor who is known for her kindness hoped that the participation of the Constitutional Court staff would increase. "That will include the Constitutional Court Justices, who are expected to participate despite their tight schedules," she said.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 | 11:01 WIB 188