The Constitutional Court was established not only to maintain the stability of government administration but also as a correction to past experiences in the life of the state administration brought about by the double interpretation of the constitution. Thus, in addition to being the guardian of the constitution, the Constitutional Court also serves as the sole interpreter of the constitution.

This matter was conveyed by Constitutional Justice Prof. H. A. Mukhtie Fajar, S.H., M. S. in the Workshop “The Constitutional Court in the State Administration of the Republic of Indonesia” which was held by the Secretariat General and the Registrar’s Office of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with Lambung Mangkurat University in the hall of the Regional Development Agency of South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin (14/7).

In this workshop that was attended by the Provincial Governments in Kalimantan, members of Regional People’s Legislative Assemblies, academicians, law enforcement agencies (office of the public prosecutor, the police, and the courts) and Non-Government Organizations, Mukthie also conveyed his expectation that the Constitutional Court as one of the implementers of judicial power is able to restore the image of the court in Indonesia as a reliable and independent judiciary in the enforcement of law and justice.

Responding to a question raised by one of the participants regarding the type of procedural law of the Constitutional Court, Mukthie explained that the procedural law of the Constitutional Court is both general and specific in nature. The general procedural law is applicable to all the authorities of the Constitutional Court whereas the specific procedural law is only applicable specifically to its respective authorities. “The procedural law of the Constitutional Court is set forth in Article 28 through Article 85 of Law Number 24 Year 2003 on the Constitutional Court but it can still be complemented by the Constitutional Court through the Regulation of the Constitutional Court (PMK),” Mukhtie said. (Luthfie Widagdo Eddyono)

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