Although seemingly very simple, protocol functions in fact have a very deep meaning. Protocol is a norm, rules, as well as custom applied in living as a nation especially in the implementation of government activities. For that reason, personnel of the Constitutional Court are demanded to have knowledge and understanding on protocol particularly regarding the protocol for high-ranking state officials.

The abovementioned statement is one of the main messages conveyed by the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, Janedjri M. Gaffar when he opened the Protocol Education and Training for the personnel within the Secretariat General and Registrar’s Office of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia on Friday (29/6) in the building of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Secretary General also reminded that there are many stakeholders involved in the hearing of the Constitutional Court including the high-ranking state officials such as the ministers, the members of the People’s Legislative Assembly, etc. “As high-ranking state officials, it is impossible to receive them moderately without considering the protocol norms,” he said.

The Secretary General also added that the personnel from various working units are always involved in every education and training held by the Constitutional Court so that each of the personnel can have an understanding of all the working functions by following the principle of professionalism. Therefore, all personnel are expected to have a multidisciplinary and multi-function ability as well as leaving their sectoral ego.

The education and training attended by 75 personnel from various working units was held for three days with the purpose to provide knowledge and understanding on the state protocol system as an effort to support the Justices of the Constitutional Court as the high-ranking state officials, other high-ranking state officials as well as the general public. The participants of the education and training were provided with an understanding of the basics of protocol, the guidance for the visit of VVIP guests, up to the national and international etiquette. The participants were even provided with the knowledge on table manner and excellent service. These materials are presented by the high-ranking officials from the Presidential Protocol and the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Protocol.

International Conference

On the same occasion, the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court also revealed the plan for Indonesia to host an international conference that will be attended by the constitutional court from various Asian countries. Thus, the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court demanded the personnel to have an understanding of international protocol so that they will be able to support the implementation of the conference as well as to provide the service for the state guests. (Ardli)

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