Standing, Authority and Obligation

The Constitutional Court is one of the state agency that performs an independent judicial authority to hold a court order to enforce law and justice


Constitutional Court of Republic of Indonesia has 4 (four) authority and 1 (a) obligations as provided for in the Laws of 1945.
Constitutional Court has the authority to hear at the first and last decision is final for:
1. Testing the law of the National Policy Law of Republic of Indonesia Year 1945.
2. Breaking the authority dispute of state institutions whose authorities are granted by the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945.
3. Decide upon the dissolution of political parties, and
4. Decide disputes concerning the election results.


The Constitutional Court shall pass a decision on the opinion of DPR that the President and / or Vice President of suspected:
1. Has violated the law in the form
    a) treason against the state;
    b) corruption;
    c) bribery;
    d) other offenses;
2. or moral turpitude, and/or
3. no longer qualify as a President and / or the Vice President as stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945.