Law Students from Purwokerto Muhammadiyah University Study Constitutional Rights and Legislative Review

Expert Assistant to the Constitutional Justice Sarfina Sabila welcoming a visit from Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto (UMP) Law Faculty students. Photo by MKRI/Hendy

Jakarta (MKRI) — Students from the Law Faculty of Purwokerto Muhammadiyah University (UMP) visited the Constitutional Court (MK) on Tuesday, July 2, 2024. Their purpose was to gain a closer understanding of the court's workings. Expert Assistant to the Constitutional Justice Sarfina Sabila personally welcomed the students in the Court building's ground-floor auditorium.

In her presentation, Sarfina explained that constitutional rights are found in the 1945 Constitution, both explicitly and implicitly. She mentioned that constitutional rights are possessed by every citizen, although specifics vary between countries. "In Indonesia, constitutional rights are guaranteed and protected by the 1945 Constitution," she said.

Furthermore, Sarfina explained the legislative review at the Court. She emphasized that those eligible to submit petitions to the Court are individual citizens who feel their constitutional rights are violated by the enactment of laws, including groups with similar interests, customary law communities as long as they are alive and in accordance with societal developments and the principles of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia as regulated by law, public or private legal entities, or state institutions.

She also mentioned that the Court serves as a judicial institution to uphold justice, provide legal certainty, and safeguard the Constitution. Regarding Constitutional Justices, Sarfina emphasized that they adhere to a Code of Ethics and Conduct known as Sapta Karsa Hutama. In exercising their authority to adjudicate cases, Justices are required to adhere to this Sapta Karsa Hutama.

Author            : Utami Argawati
Editor             : N. Rosi
Translators     : Naomi Andrea Zebua/Rizky Kurnia Chaesario (NL)

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