Constitutional Court Civil Servants and Government Employees with Work Agreement Undergo Attitude and Discipline Strengthening Training with Rindam Jaya

A photo session with Constitutional Court employees during attitude and discipline strengthening training, Monday (01/07) at the Rindam Jaya Basketball Court, East Jakarta. Photo by: Public Relations MKRI/ Agung.

Jakarta (MKRI)—To upgrade work ethic and discipline, the Constitutional Court (MK) is collaborating with the Kodam Jaya Military Command to conduct a Discipline and Attitude Strengthening Training for Civil Servants (PNS and PPPK) in 2024. The first day of the training program, attended by 33 MK’s Civil Servants, was officially opened by the Head of Human Resources Yuni Nurhayanti on Monday (1/7/2024) at the Rindam Jaya Basketball Court, East Jakarta.

In her opening remarks, Yuni stated that the physical, mental, and disciplinary training for MK Civil Servants aims to equip them with the necessary leadership and work ethic to serve the community, nation, and country effectively.

“Therefore, follow the instructions of the trainers, mentors, and guides here diligently and prioritize safety in all activities so that each sequence can be carried out smoothly,” explained Yuni at the event, which was also attended by, among others, the Commander of Kodam Jaya Colonel Inf. Tito M. Harahap, Captain Inf. Saiful Hadi, First Lieutenant Kav. Rosyid, First Lieutenant Inf. Aditya Sandha, and the Rindam Jaya Training Team.

Through this training, the Civil Servants will be provided with various knowledge related to drill command (PBB) or military honor regulations (PPM), internal service regulations (PUDD), civilian ceremony procedures, guidance and counseling (binsuh) ren up and motivation, knowledge on radicalism and latent dangers, as well as basic mountaineering (walking,  trekking/hiking, scrambling, and climbing). The event will be held for the next six days, from Monday to Saturday (1-6/7/2024), at Rindam Jaya, East Jakarta, and Gunung Bunder, West Java.

Author: Sri Pujianti

Editor: Lulu Anjarsari P.

Translator: Jihan Nibras/Rizky Kurnia C. (NL)

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Monday, July 01, 2024 | 15:54 WIB 38