Court Orders Revote at TPS 02 in Tuladenggi Village, Gorontalo Regency

A ruling hearing for the 2024 legislative election results dispute of Gorontalo Regency, Thursday (6/6/2024) in the plenary courtroom. Photo by MKRI/Ifa.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — For the legitimacy and fairness of the election based on law, a revote needs to be conducted at TPS (polling station) 02 of Tuladenggi Village, Telaga Biru Subdistrict, Gorontalo Regency. This recommendation was based on a letter from the Gorontalo Regency Bawaslu (Elections Supervisory Body) No. 332/PM.00.02/K/02/2024 dated February 17, 2024, which was not implemented by the Gorontalo Regency KPU (General Elections Commission). This was included in the legal considerations read out by Justice Arsul Sani during the announcement of the decision on the dispute over the 2024 DPR (House of Representatives), DPD (Regional Representatives Council), and Provincial and Regency/City DPRD (Regional Legislative Council) election results on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

In Decision No. 143-01-03-29/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024, petitioned by PDI-P (Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle), the Court ordered a revote within 21 days from the date of this ruling. The Court assessed that this 21-day period would not disrupt the schedule for the inauguration of the Gorontalo Provincial DPRD elected in 2024 or other state agendas like the simultaneous election of governors, regents, and mayors (regional election) in November 2024.

“[The Court] grants the Petitioner’s petition in its entirety; declares the votes for the political parties and DPRD candidates in Gorontalo Regency for electoral district Gorontalo 2 must be revoted; annul the KPU Decree No. 360 of 2024 dated March 20, 2024 on the nationwide certification of the 2024 legislative election results of the House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, and Provincial and Regency/City Regional Legislative Council dated March 20, 2024 as it pertains to the Gorontalo Regency DPRD candidates in Gorontalo 2; orders the Respondent to conduct a revote at TPS 02 of Tuladenggi Village, Telaga Biru Subdistrict, Gorontalo Regency for the Gorontalo Regency DPRD in Gorontalo 2 within 21 days of the pronouncement of this a quo decision; orders the Gorontalo Regency KPU to integrate the revote results with the unchallenged results, certify and announce them according to laws and regulations without having to report back to the Court,” said Chief Justice Suhartoyo while reading the verdict from the plenary courtroom.

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At the preliminary hearing on Friday, May 3, 2024), the Petitioner requested the annulment of the KPU Decree No. 360 of 2024 as it pertains to the filling of DPRD Gorontalo Regency seats for Gorontalo 2. The Petitioner claimed that ballot papers were damaged by the polling station working committee (KPPS) of TPS 02 of Tuladenggi Village, Telaga Biru Subdistrict, Gorontalo Regency. The Petitioner’s witness raised an objection at the subdistrict level, but the Respondent did not address it. The Petitioner then reported the issue to the Gorontalo Regency Bawaslu, which issued a decree on the matter.

The violation at TPS 02 significantly impacted the Petitioner’s chance of securing the eighth seat for Gorontalo Regency DPRD in Gorontalo 2. According to the Respondent, PAN (National Mandate Party) held the eighth seat with 3,007 votes, while the Petitioner had 3,029 votes. With a revote at TPS 02, the Petitioner would have the opportunity to secure the eighth DPRD seat.

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