Prove PDI-P Claim, Panel 3 Justices Open Ballot Box at Polling Station 05 at Sioyong Village Donggala Regency

Constitutional Justice Arif Hidayat requests 2 representatives each from the District Election Committee Chair, the Legal Counsel of the Petitioner and Related Parties, 2 from Bawaslu, and 3 from the Respondent to jointly inspect and open the ballot box in front of the Court Justices during the hearing of Case No. 170-01-03-26/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 concerning the 2024 Election Results Dispute of legislative election results dispute of Province/Regency of Central Sulawesi Province. Monday, June 3, 2024. Public Relations/Bayu

JAKARTA (MKRI) — PDI-P's claim regarding vote addition for the NasDem Party at Polling Station (TPS) 05, Sioyong Village, Dampelas Subdistrict, Donggala Regency, is confirmed true. This revelation came during a Constitutional Court session when the General Elections Commission (KPU) was ordered to bring the ballot box and conduct a recount of the votes at TPS 05 in the ongoing evidentiary hearing for the Election Results Dispute (PHPU). The session took place in the Hearing Room of Panel 3, Building 1 of the Court on Monday, June 3, 2024, presided over by Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat, accompanied by Constitutional Justices Anwar Usman and Enny Nurbaningsih.

Case No. 170-01-03-26/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 was filed by PDI-P for the election of members to the Donggala Regency Legislative Council Donggala 4, Central Sulawesi Province. During the hearing, a recount of the votes revealed an additional vote for the NasDem Party, increasing from the original 77 votes to 78 votes. This finding is consistent with the initial claim by the petitioner, PDI-P, which stated that there was a discrepancy in votes between PDI-P and NasDem for the Donggala Regency Legislative Council candidates in Dapil Donggala 4. According to PDI-P, the KPU erroneously added a vote for the NasDem Party at TPS` 05, Sioyong Village, without accountability.

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In the previous hearing held on Friday, May 31, 2024, a PDI-P witness testified that there was a vote that should have been invalid but was counted for the NasDem Party. The PDI-P witness stated that the vote was invalid due to markings for both the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the NasDem Party.

Furthermore, according to the Petitioner's witness, Ismail, who served as the PPP's mandated witness at polling station 05 in Sioyong Village, NasDem secured 77 votes while PDIP received 13 votes. Another witness from PDIP, Moh Iqbal, who was a mandated witness in Dampelas Sub-district, stated that following the sub-district level recapitulation, NasDem's votes at polling station 05 in Sioyong Village changed from 77 to 78 votes. "The NasDem Party changed from 77 to 78 votes," said Iqbal.

Previously, in the petition, PDI-P contested the vote discrepancy between PDI-P and the NasDem Party for the election of members to the Donggala Regency Legislative Council from Donggala 4. According to PDI-P, KPU erred by irresponsibly adding one vote for the NasDem Party at TPS 005, Sioyong Village.

According to PDI-P, the NasDem Party should have received 7,256 votes, but KPU recorded them as having 7,257 votes. PDI-P argues that without the additional vote, the seventh seat for the Donggala Regency Legislative Council in Donggala 4 should rightfully belong to PDI-P. Based on the KPU's calculations, the total of 7,257 votes, when divided using the Sainte-Laguë method, yields 2,419, which matches the vote count for PDI-P. However, the correct vote count for the NasDem Party should be 7,256, which would result in a quotient of only 2,418.

In its petition, PDI-P requested that the Court annul KPU Decree No. 360 of 2024 concerning the election vote results. Additionally, PDI-P seeks an order from the Court for the KPU to conduct a revote at TPS 08, Ulujadi Urban Village, and to establish the correct vote results according to PDI-P for the election of members to the Donggala Regency Legislative Council from Donggala 4.

Author : Adam Ilyas

Editor : Lulu Anjarsari P.
PR : Tiara Agustina

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