PDIP Witness Alleges Additional Votes for Nasdem at Sioyong Village Polling Station

The legal counsel accompanied the witness, giving statement in the hearing of Case No. 170-01-03-26/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 PHPU Members of DPR-DPRD (House of Representatives-Regional Legislative Council) of Central Sulawesi Province on Friday (31/5/2024). Photo by MKRI/Bayu.

JAKARTA, MKRI – The Constitutional Court (MK) held evidentiary hearing for case No. 170-01-03-26/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 for the 2024 (DPRD) Regional Legislative Council election results dispute. The case was petitioned by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P)  for the electoral district of Donggala Regency.  The ruling hearing was held by Constitutional Justices Arief Hidayat (panel chair), Anwar Usman, and Enny Nurbaningsih on panel 3. PDIP submitted a number of witnesses who confirmed the addition of one vote for the NasDem Party at TPS 05 Sioyong Village, Dampelas Subdistrict, Donggala Regency.

Ismail, as United Development Party (PPP) mandated witness at polling station (TPS) 05 in Sioyong Village, was the Petitioner's witness presented by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). He said the National Democratic Party (NasDem) vote at the TPS was 77 votes, while the PDIP Party received 13 votes. “What I remember, Nasdem Party 77 votes, PDIP Party 13 votes,” he said.

Moh. Iqbal, another petitioner witness who is a mandated witness in Dampelas Sub-district, explained that after the sub-district level recapitulation at TPS 05, Sioyong village, “The Nasdem party changed from 77 to 78 votes,” said Iqbal.

According to Muhammad Rasyidi Bakry from Bawaslu, the change was caused by Bawaslu's recommendation to recount ballots in Dampelas Subdistrict, because there was a difference in the number of valid votes for political parties. Based on the monitoring report, the number of valid votes was recorded at 178, whereas it should have been 179. After recounting the ballots, it was found that one vote had not been counted for the Nasdem Party candidate.

“There is a difference in the number of valid votes of political parties which should be 179 votes out of 178 votes, so a recount is recommended,” he said.

To confirm the changes in the Form C Plano that occurred, the Court asked the Respondent to present the ballot box for inspection at the next hearing on Monday, June 03, 2024. “I ask the KPU to present the ballot box at the next hearing on Monday,” said Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat.

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PDIP Argues Fraud in Central Sulawesi Province

Previously, in the petition, PDIP questioned the difference in votes between PDIP and NasDem Party for the filling of candidates for Donggala Regency DPRD members, Dapil Donggala 4. According to PDIP, the KPU had made a mistake by adding one vote for the NasDem Party at TPS 005 Sioyong Village without being accountable.

According to PDIP, the NasDem Party should have received 7,256 votes, but the KPU determined 7,257 votes. PDIP argues that without the additional votes being taken into calculation, the 7th seat for Donggala Regency DPRD Dapil 4 should have belonged to PDIP. Based on the Sainte-Laguë method, the 7,257 votes resulted in 2,419, which corresponds to the PDIP vote. If NasDem's vote is 7,256, the division only results in 2,418.

In its petition, PDIP requested the Court to cancel KPU No. 360 of 2024 relating to the results of the election. In addition, PDIP asked the Court to order the KPU to hold a re-voting at TPS 08 Ulujadi Village and determine the correct vote acquisition results according to the PDIP for the filling of candidates for Donggala Regency DPRD members in Donggala District 4.

Author  : Adam Ilyas
Editor   : Lulu Anjarsari P.
PR : Tiara Agustina
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