C. Form Results from 6 Polling Stations in Sarmi 2 Brought to the Court

Before the Constitutional Justices and the parties, the Plano C Form Result was opened during the hearing for Witness/Expert Testimonies in the 2024 Legislative Election Results Dispute (PHPU) for Papua on Friday (31/5/2024) in the Constitutional Court. Photo by Public Relations/Teguh.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — The Plano C Form results from 6 polling stations (TPS) in Apawer Hulu District were brought by the Respondent (KPU) to the hearing of Case No 140-01-03-33/PHPU.DPR-DPRD-XXII/2024 concerning the General Election Results Dispute (PHPU) for DPRK Sarmi Regency 2 at the Court on Friday, May 31, 2024. Instead of serving as evidence, the presence of the Plano C Form in the Panel Courtroom, Building 2 of the Constitutional Court, Jakarta, was questioned.

According to Bawaslu RI Member Lolly Suhenty, the KPU should comply with the provisions of Article 109 of KPU Regulation (PKPU) No 5 of 2024 concerning the KPU's efforts to gather evidence in the PHPU process at the Constitutional Court. Under this regulation, the original Plano C Form is not permitted to be brought to the hearing.

"It is not permissible for the C Result to be brought here as authentic evidence without constant supervision, as this could lead to wild assumptions," stated Lolly before Panel 2, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra, alongside Constitutional Justices Ridwan Mansyur and Arsul Sani.

She explained that evidence such as the C Result for use in the trial should follow PKPU 5/2024 regulations. This regulation specifies that if the evidence is contained within the ballot box, the recapitulation box, and/or the polling station result box, the KPU of the respective city/region must open these boxes under several conditions including; coordinating with the Provincial KPU, the city/regional Bawaslu, and local police during the opening of the boxes; issuing the forms used as evidence in the hearing; duplicating the forms used as evidence in the hearing; reinserting the original forms once duplicated back into each box and sealing them with plastic seals as an alternative security measure to locks as before; legalizing photocopies of documents as mentioned at the post office; and creating a record of the box opening signed by the Chair of the city/regional KPU and Bawaslu.

"Thus, what is brought to the hearing is not the original C Result, as even if it were done truly correctly, assumptions by others can vary greatly," Lolly clarified.

The C Result Plano-size form was shown by KPU's legal counsel when Justice Saldi questioned the evidence of the C Result to review the vote acquisition by the Petitioner. Witnesses presented by PDIP as the Petitioner in this case mentioned that PDIP's votes turned to zero at 10 polling stations in the Apauwer Hulu District.

Meanwhile, the Respondent only showed the C Result Plano at six polling stations as claimed by the Petitioner in the main part of their petition. Saldi also mentioned the PDIP votes that appeared in the C Result Plano.

"Why suddenly in the Plano evidence held by the KPU are there PDIP votes, why are they missing?" asked Saldi to a member of the Sarmi Regency KPU, Marhun Lapandu. Marhun Lapandu admitted that they only received from the PPD the D Result District that was presented and read by the PPD.

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Author : Mimi Kartika.

Editor : Nur R.

Translator : Gabrielle K.W/Fuad Subhan

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