Constitutional Court's Preparations for Preliminary Hearing of the Presidential Election Results Dispute

Constitutional Court Spokesperson Fajar Laksono during doorstop interview with journalists at the Constitutional Court, Tuesday (26/03). Photo MKRI/Teguh

JAKARTA,MKRI - Ahead of the preliminary hearing of the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential Election Results Dispute (PHPU President) case scheduled for Wednesday (27/3/2024), the Constitutional Court (MK) has undertaken extensive preparations both within and outside the courtroom.

"Preparations have been completed. We have devised a plan to be implemented in the courtroom tomorrow," stated Constitutional Court spokesperson Fajar Laksono during a doorstop interview with journalists at the Constitutional Court on Tuesday (26/03/2024).

According to the schedule posted on the Constitutional Court's official website, the preliminary hearing of the 2024 Presidential Election Dispute (PHPU) is divided into two sessions. Fajar explained that each petitioner will be given 12 seats, with an additional two seats granted if the principal petitioners, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, are in attendance during the hearing.

"The preparation plan for the two cases is as follows: the case concerning the petition submitted by candidate pair number 1, Anies, will commence at 08:00 in the morning, and the case number 02 will begin at 13:00 - finished. That's the case number. Each party representing the petitioner is allocated a quota of 12 seats, with additional seats provided if the principal is present, specifically the principal of the presidential candidate. Therefore, the 12 attorneys also encompass two spokespersons. Similarly, there are 12 related parties, inclusive of the spokesperson and their attorney. Likewise, the General Election Commission (KPU) is allotted a total of 12 seats," clarified Fajar.

Fajar mentioned that the Constitutional Court had invited all parties involved in tomorrow's hearing to attend. However, there's been no confirmation yet about whether the two presidential and vice-presidential candidates will be present.

Fajar also emphasized that the Constitutional Court has arranged security personnel both inside the courtroom and around the Constitutional Court Building. Security checkpoints have been set up, including in the closed security courtroom. Additionally, outside the Constitutional Court Building, there are police officers stationed.

"When it comes to security at the Constitutional Court building, I believe everything has been taken care of. Security points have been set up, including within the courtroom," he said.

On a separate occasion, Central Jakarta Police Chief, Police Commissioner General Susatyo Condro Purnomo, mentioned that the police would deploy 400 personnel to ensure security around the Constitutional Court Building.

"Starting tomorrow, we will deploy 400 personnel to ensure security, both within the first ring of the Constitutional Court premises, as the hearing process must be conducted in a secure environment, and in the parking area. This includes the vicinity of the Constitutional Court," Susatyo informed reporters at the MKRI Building, Jakarta, on Tuesday (3/26/2024).

Susatyo also urged the public not to organize demonstrations in front of the Constitutional Court building. He hopes that the public will show wisdom and respect the Presidential Election Result Dispute (PHPU) hearing conducted by the Constitutional Court.

"We hope that the hearing will be conducted respectfully," he continued.

His party is also currently evaluating and preparing for potential demonstrations from various groups during the hearing. "We are still evaluating together with Polda Metro Jaya. We have received various flyers and information related to tomorrow's events. We will also be prepared for any potential scenarios should these demonstrations occur," he concluded.

"For your information, the Constitutional Court has scheduled the hearing for the 2024 Presidential Election Result Dispute (PHPU). According to the schedule posted on the MKRI website, the first hearing of the Presidential Election Result Dispute is set to take place on Wednesday (3/27/2024).

"The Constitutional Court will conduct the Presidential Election Result Dispute (PHPU) hearing in plenary. As per the decision of the Constitutional Court Ethics Council (MKMK), Constitutional Justice Anwar Usman will not be involved in the Presidential Election Dispute hearing."

Meanwhile, Constitutional Justice Arsul Sani will definitely participate in the presidential election results dispute hearing, as long as there are no objections filed by the parties to the hearing. Hence, the Presidential Election Result Dispute (PHPU) hearing will be overseen by eight constitutional judges. They are Chief Justice Suhartoyo, Deputy Chief Justice Saldi Isra, Constitutional Justice Arief Hidayat, Constitutional Justice Enny Nurbaningsih, Constitutional Justice Daniel Yusmic P Foekh, Constitutional Justice M Guntur Hamzah, Constitutional Justice Ridwan Mansyur, and Constitutional Justice Arsul Sani.

Author : Utami Argawati
Editor : Nur R.
Translator : Fuad Subhan (RA)

Disclaimer: The original version of the news is in Indonesian. In case of any differences between the English and the Indonesian versions, the Indonesian version will prevail.

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