ASN of Ministry of Finance Withdraws Petition of 2023 State Budget Law

Constitutional Justice Suhartoyo at the judicial review hearing of the 2023 State Budget Law, Thursday (9/21/2023). Photo by MKRI/Fauzan.

JAKARTA (MKRI) — The Constitutional Court (MK) held a preliminary hearing on the material judicial review of Law No. 28 of 2022 of the State Budget for the Fiscal Year 2023 (2023 State Budget Law) on Thursday, September 21, 2023 in the plenary courtroom. The case No. 110/PUU-XXI/2023 was petitioned by Meidiantoni, a state civil apparatus (ASN) of the  Directorate-General of Taxation (DJP) of the Ministry of Finance.

In the petition, the Petitioner requested the Court to conduct material judicial review and perform civil and/or criminal proceedings for officials and employees of state institutions. He argued that as a DJP officer of the Ministry of Finance, he had often submitted date on state revenues and expenditures. Therefore, if the Bank Indonesia Annual Budget (ATBI) is included in Law No. 28 of 2022, he would be able to convey concrete data to the public. In addition, he alleged that the a quo Law has the same function as the ATBI. Therefore, to create administrative order, the ATBI material should be included in the 2023 State Budget Law, he argued.

However, at the preliminary hearing scheduled to hear the subject matter, the Petitioner withdrew the petition. “Yes, I am withdrawing this petition,” said Meidiantoni before Constitutional Justices Suhartoyo, Enny Nurbaningsih, and Daniel Yusmic P. Foekh in the plenary courtroom.

Author       : Sri Pujianti
Editor        : Lulu Anjarsari P.
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Thursday, September 21, 2023 | 16:37 WIB 131