Importance of Guarding Constitution and Upholding Pancasila Values

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Chief Justice Anwar Usman giving a public lecture at the Muhammadiyah Institute of Law, Saturday (10/9/2021). Photo by Humas MK/Agung.

Sunday, October 10, 2021 | 07:10 WIB

JAKARTA, Public Relations—Chief Justice Anwar Usman gave a public lecture at the Muhammadiyah Institute of Law (STIH Muhammadiyah) on Saturday, October 9, 2021. The event, under the theme “The Constitution as the Foundation for Advanced Indonesia,” was attended by the Head of STIH Muhammadiyah and public figures of Bima. At the lecture, Justice Anwar encouraged the participants to ponder the importance of guarding the Constitution for the state. World history has shown that a state will crumble if it disregards its constitution.

“As the guardian of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court carries a heavy responsibility to guard the fulfilment of the rights laid out in the Constitution,” he said before the academic community of STIH Muhammadiyah from Thayeb Abdullah Auditorium.

He also encouraged the participants to understand and implement Pancasila values. He took the first precept of Pancasila “the belief of One Supreme God” and the third “Indonesian unity” as examples. These two precepts, he said, accompany the diverse life of the Indonesian nation. Even though the Indonesian people are different, they are expected to know each other and coexist in society.

Justice Anwar also said that the fourth precept, “democracy lead by wisdom in deliberation/representation,” shows Indonesians’ preference for deliberation. Meanwhile, the fifth precept, “a social justice to all Indonesian people,” shows conscience-based justice. The enforcement of the law, he said, is not focused on the legal issues but on how conscience can assess legal facts so that justice can be realized for justice seekers.

“How Indonesia and even the world can advance, the key is how the constitution and the law is not set aside and is respected and upheld. Another key thing is compliance with the law,” he said.

Writer        : Sri Pujianti
Editor        : Lulu Anjarsari P.
Translator  : Yuniar Widiastuti (NL)

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