Court Receives Award in Archive Management Innovation from ANRI

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Award in archive management innovation from ANRI, presented Wednesday (9/6/2021) to the Constitutional Court. Photo by Humas MK.

Thursday, June 10, 2021 | 08:54 WIB

JAKARTA, Public Relations—The Constitutional Court (MK) received an award for its archive management and innovation from the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) in the second place in the category of State High Institution, Ministry-Level Agency, Nonstructural Institution, and Public Broadcast Institution. The award was presented by Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahyo Kumolo to the Head of the Bureau of General Affairs Elisabeth on the summit of a ceremony to celebrate the 50th Archive Day on Wednesday evening, June 9, 2021.

At the event, which had the theme “Golden Year of Archives: Stand United Toward Digital Archives,” President Joko Widodo said that in the current era of technology disruptions, archive management must employ new methods, utilizing advances of the digital technology. The president asked that inefficient, old methods of archive management where archives are all over the place and are hard to access be abandoned.

“I noticed that many countries are competing to innovate in developing electronic-based archive management, starting from tracking, identifying archives quickly, to preparing registration tools for the preservation of digital archives belonging to the community,” he said.

Not only government’s archives but also public ones are targeted by the innovations in archive management, where portals with content on popular themes and easy access are created. The president also requested that security measures be developed for archive transfers.

The president also said that innovations are the key to progress, that swift archive services be prioritized, and public and community involvement be encouraged. He stressed that data in the regions must also be integrated.

He added that archives are crucial foundation in efficient and effective policymaking. Furthermore, archives document the nation’s rich cultures. “Our nation, Indonesia, is blessed by the Almighty God with highly diverse cultures. These rich wealth of cultures must be well-documented and presented in attractive manner,” he said.

Meanwhile, acting Head of ANRI Muhammad Taufik stated that ANRI had launched the Integrated Dynamic Archival Information System (Srikandi). The application, he explained, is the realization of President Joko Widodo’s mandate of integrated national database.

Writer        : Ilham Wiryadi M.
Editor        : Nur R.
Translator  : Yuniar Widiastuti (NL)

Translation uploaded on 6/10/2021 19:39 WIB

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