Support Nothing Mayor Candidate Baubau Amril Tamim, Former Head of District Testifies to be Mutated

Former Head of Murhum District, Baubau Regency Abdul Karim testified at dispute of election result’s trial of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi 2012 - Case No. 86, 87/PHPU.DX/2012 - at the Constitutional Court on Tuesday (27/11). According to him, he stepped down from his position due to not support the district Mayor Candidate MZ Amril Tamim on Baubau Election.

"I may be considered as the district did not implement it (supporting mayoral candidate MZ Amril Tamim as Petitioner No. 86), so in February I was punished by my office lowered the district," said Karim before the Constitutional Court led by Achmad Sodiki, accompanied by Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi and Harjono, respectively as members.

"Including myself were not present as Head of PLS (School Education) replaced by others, but not for SK dismissal," said Karim.

As the Respondent in this case, the Commission presents a number of Baubau witnesses. One is the Chairman of the Election Committee (PPK) district of Sorawolio, Ramli Bitomba. In his explanation, he said that the distribution of ballot boxes to polling stations in the village are all still in a sealed and in the supervision of the police and the District Supervisory Committee. "So the delivery of ballot boxes to the PPS PKK still in sealed," he explained.

Even more interesting, the Petitioner argued previously existing voter mobilization outside Baubau to select one candidate. But in a statement from Ramli, voter mobilization in the region does not exist. "The mobilization of voters does not exist," he said. 

It is also submitted by KPPS Chairman La Idi-TPS 1 of New Gonda Village. In his statement, he said that the ballot boxes received in sealed condition, and when opened was witnessed by a member of the witnesses and their KPPS candidate except number 3. "Witness number three did not come, because there is no mandate from a potential partner," he explained.

The testimony of the Respondent and the Related Parties has been heard by the Constitutional Assembly. However, the hearing will be continued to complete the testimony of each party, and will be held on Wednesday (28/11), at 14.00 pm, in the Meeting Room of the Constitutional Court, Jakarta. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 | 17:51 WIB 129