Dispute of Election Result of Padang Sidempuan City: District of Southeast Padang Sidempuan Denied Involving Andar-Isnan Campaign

District of Southeast Padang Sidempuan Ahmad Bestari Lubis denied his involvement in the winning candidate mayor / deputy mayor Padangsidimpuan number 3 Andar Harahap and Muhammad Amin Isnandar (Andar-isnan). Bestari clearly states never allot some money for winning of Andar-Isnan. Instead Bestari who testified for the pair-Isnan Andar states what a libel against him.

Bestari rebuttal testimony is to respond village chief Huta Limbong of Southeast Padang Sidempuan District, Nelson Gultom, while testifying for candidates’ mayor / deputy mayor’s son and Jaminsyah Padangsidimpuan Dedi Siregar Affan (Smith-Affan) as the applicant disputes the results of the General Election of Padangsidimpuan. At the hearing last Monday, Nelson admitted to receiving money 30 million to be given to the villagers in order to choose Andar-Isnan.

"He (Nelson Gultom) mention my name that I gave money to him Rp30 million. That’s not true, "said Bestari in court dispute election results of Padangsidimpuan City held at the Constitutional Court (MK), Tuesday (20/11/2012) afternoon. The trial for the fifth time with an agenda 85/PHPU-D/2012 case the proof is carried out by a panel of Constitutional M. Akil Mochtar (panel chairman), Hamdan Zoelva and Muhammad Alim.

Bestari confirmed his return to Jakarta and testify at the trial Court is to deny the allegations against him. "You report it to the police if it’s slander," said Chairman of the Constitutional Court Plenum M. Akil Mochtar. 

Andar-isnan as related parties in court disputes of Padangsidimpuan City Election results, also presented witnesses Marataman Siregar. Marataman is Padangsidimpuan City Council Member of the Labour Party, one of the bearers of the party-Isnan Andar pair. Marataman who is also an advisor to successful team-mate Andar isnan, explaining the involvement of Task Unit (SKPD) Padangsidimpuan City for winning pair number 4 Dedi-Affan. Marataman mention the role of Regional Secretary (Secretary) City Padangsidimpuan that potentially affects several SKPD. "He (Secretary Padangsidimpuan City) is very influential, could affect the potential for some SKPD to carry No. 4," said Marataman.

Fifth session is a recent hearing. Before closing the hearing, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Panel M. Akil Mochtar suggest to couples Dedi-Affan (the applicant), KPU Padangsidimpuan (defendant) and a pair Andar-isnan (related parties) to make a final conclusion. Akil allow delivery of the latest conclusions submitted to the Registrar of the Court on Wednesday (11/21/2012) at 12.00 pm.

"Okay so the trial in Case No. 85/PHPU.DX/2012 I stated over, and later waiting for a call from the Court to the pronunciation of the verdict," said Akil Mochtar trial while his gavel three times as a sign of the hearing was closed. (Nur Rosihin Ana / mh/Yazid.tr)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 | 14:38 WIB 121