Dispute of Election Result of Lubuk Linggau: Respondent Witness Denies Petitioner Witness Testimony

Constitutional Court again held the final hearing on the dispute election results Linggau Lubuk District on Monday (19/11) at the Plenary Court. The case was filed by Candidate Number 4 Akisropi-Akmaludin Moestofa (No. 83/PHPU.DX/2012) and Candidate Number 5 Roestam Effendi -Irwan Evendi (No. 84/PHPU.DX/2012).

In the hearing, the Respondent and the Related Parties presenting witnesses who denied all the witnesses at the hearing before the Applicant. Dedy Kaelani which is a witness that the witness denies Dedi Haryanto Petitioner stated he was not voting in TPS 3 Goyoroyo. "I chose in TPS 3 because I live there. On Saturday the 20th of October, I came to the RT asked why I did not get a C6. RT says his father would cast number? I would say number 3 ballot. I was invited to meet Mr Nawawi at 9 am at the polling station. Me, my brother-in-law and wife who do not get the C6," he explained.

Meanwhile, Dodi as one of the chief witnesses TPS revealed candidate who tried to disrupt the election stage. "What we mean when we disrupt the election stages prevented when will deliver ballot boxes to the KDP sub-district level. We were held, but no anarchist action, "he said. In addition, the Related Parties witness, Junaedi revealed the findings related to fraud in the administration of the election made by the candidate number 5. "There are several findings, including money politics by candidates across the number 5. There is a blank in the village Senjaya eight on the 27th, blank number 5 with the words ‘head of household’ and ‘choosing’ October 18th. We found a blank in which no insurance but there is no picture. We’ve been asked to Panwascam but not acted upon due to lack of evidence, "he said.

In principal the petition, the Petitioner objected to the recapitulation of vote counting by the KPU issued Lubuk Linggau as Respondent. According to David, the Respondent has violated Article 7, paragraph (5) Commission Regulation No. 17/2010 on the Amendment Election Commission Regulation No. 66 Year 2009 on the Establishment of Norms, Standards, Procedures and Requirements Procurement Organization And Distribution Equipment General Election and Vice Regional Head. Article 7 paragraph (5) Commission Regulation No.. 17/2010 referred to "(5) vertically elongated shape ballots for the ballot with a candidate more than 5 (five) pairs, print two faces". (Lulu Anjarsari / mh/Yazid.tr)

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