Regional Secretary of Bengkulu City: Mutations of Head of Village Unrelated to Mayor Election

Bengkulu City Election Candidate Ahmad Kanedi - Dani Hamdani as a Related Party - case No. 71/PHPU.DX/2012 - at the Constitutional Court (MK), denied Petitioner, Leni Haryati John Latif - Sudoto, the village chief or headman mutation carried by the incumbent candidate has nothing to do with winning candidate No. 7 as Related Parties.

This is evidenced by presenting a Single Related Party as head of BKD (Regional Employment Agency) Bengkulu City, Friday (12/10) at the Court Meeting Room. Single words, mutations do just want to fill the vacancy of headman, because most civil servants (PNS) were retired. "They transferred because the old village chief retired," said Single.

The testimony was reinforced by the Regional Secretary of Bengkulu City Rush Zaiwin who attended the trial. "About mutation, it is true," said Rush. "Mutations carried no correlation with Pilwakot (Mayor Election). Because, no any Pilwakot, mutations we still do," said Secretary of Bengkulu city.

On the other hand, head of Bengkulu City Department of Education also denied Petitioner Yunirham related division of SK Honorary simultaneously. According to him, there is no division of SK Honorary simultaneously, because since 2010, and 2012 have been distributed decree. "That's still a lot that has not been distributed, as they are not needed," he said.

Yunirham also denied Petitioners' argument relating the mobilization of teachers in teacher halal bi halal event as Bengkulu in 2012. According to him, all members PGRI invited to the event. Mukhtarimin as Chairman PGRI Bengkulu City also confirmed the testimony of Yunirham. According to him, the show halal bi halal is an annual event, so there is no intervention of a particular party or related to the General Election.

Meanwhile, Mukhtarimin also said the event is not used by the mayor (incumbent) as potential participants Election. Because, he said, the arrival of the mayor in the event was invited by the committee to inaugurate the building of teachers. "So, there was no mobilization of teachers. Any teachers who are members of PGRI invited to the event, "he explained.

Election Commission of Bengkulu as Respondent also denied all allegations of the Applicant. According to the witnesses presented by the Respondent, Ardiansyah Nasution (Ucok) as Staff Secretary of the Election Commission of Bengkulu, he just did the Chairman of the Commission to take command C1 in all areas of the city of Bengkulu. However, Ucok said, because C1 is not in the ballot box, not in the exact TPS 2 region, then he took his own initiative to C1 by unsealing the ballot box and witnessed by many people. "I unseal the ballot box," he explained. "After taking C1, my seal and padlock again," said Ucok before the judges of the constitution. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Friday, October 12, 2012 | 18:18 WIB 100