Court Listened Advanced Witnesses of Singkawang Election

Witness of the Applicant on disputes of election result of Singkawang heard back in Constitutional Court on Thursday (11/10). In this 69/PHPU.DX/2012 case, Petitioner are Hasan Karman and Ahyadi. They presented a number of witnesses, including Sudomo as Chairman of KPPS in Sagatani Village.

In his statement, Sudomo began testifying associated with updating data Voters List (DPT). According to him, when he became head of the neighborhood committee had a DPS data update (The Voters' List). However, the names of which have been verified in the DPS is still there when a DPT. "The fact that I found on the ground, in the DPT also still listed the names," he said.

While Petitioner Witness Adrianus, revealed that many villagers Pajintan already enrolled in the DPT or already get a voter card, but did not get the right to vote in the voting ballot. "Many of our citizens received a voter card but did not get the right constituents," he explained. In the year 2012, there is a half (half of the villagers) was not registered," he said.

Then the next day, Adrianus with a number of residents who do not get the right to vote come Election Commission Singkawang. However, he and a number of people have received intimidation from successful team No. 1. "He said anyone who dared to disturb the Commission, he would drink his blood," he mimicked statements from these people.

Finally, a number of elements in the society after getting pressure like that, Adrianus said, scared. Unfortunately, he said, when the incident was the police who looked intimidating process, but they are not doing anything.

"At that time there were police officers, were present there, but they let it go, so that people who want to prove their right to vote to the Commission, all the scatter," explained Adrian before the Constitutional judges led by Justice Akil Mochtar.

Furthermore, Yohanes Anes and Suleman from Pasiran Village were also witnesses of the applicant. Then, said the Chairman of the meeting, the Applicant, the Respondent as Singkawang Commission, and the Related Parties are advised to make a conclusion, including the additional evidence from each party. Submission of evidence and conclusions submitted by Friday (12/10) At 16:00 pm, at the Court House. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Friday, October 12, 2012 | 10:46 WIB 115