Clarification of the Respondent and the Related Party Regarding Applicant Evidence on Dispute of Election Result of Cilacap District

Dispute of Election Result (PHPU) of Cilacap District 2012 - Case No. 65/PHPU. DX/2012 - held by the Constitutional Court (MK) on Thursday (4/10) afternoon. Agenda include a briefing session at the Respondent and the Related Parties. Panel of judges consisting of Achmad Sodiki (Plenary Chair), and Ahmad Fadlil Harjono Sumadi (A).

 In the hearing, the Respondent through its legal counsel expressed some objections to Petitioner's arguments on the previous trial. Respondent gave rebuttal against three things in Petitioner. First, about the fraud associated Election campaigns beyond schedule.

 "The applicant did not spell out clearly and in detail about these things. Respondent mendalillkan fact that we as a campaign issue is regulated in the Act on the Authority Panwaslu, so it is not related to the Respondent, "said attorney Respondent.

 Second, Respondent continued, irregularities concerning DPS and DPT, with multiple voters. According to the Respondent, the argument was not correct. Because according to the available evidence, the Respondent has provided an opportunity correction, addition or subtraction of a PPS to all political parties.

 Respondent also responded to Petitioners' arguments related to voters without ID number. In this regard, the Respondent stated this is not right and not a fundamental problem. He argued, because without having the ID number, it is already qualified as a voter.

 Third, the issue of data irregularities incumbent Regent Candidate, H. Tatto Suwarto Pamuji, Respondent claimed it was not true. Because Respondent has determination letter on receipt of the District Court (PN) No. Cilacap. 448.

 Meanwhile Related Party also responded to the things presented in the previous trial Applicant Party. Among the Applicant's legal standing, according to the Related Parties, the applicant does not have the capacity to be able to submit a claim to the Court.

 "Since the applicant does not have a direct relationship in Dispute Cilacap Election 2012," Related Parties.

 Related parties also clarified that say about the accusations Applicant Election Cilacap last no 'Jurdil', many violations and fraud that could be qualified as an act of massive, systematic and structured. Includes response to Petitioners' argument that the district incumbent has conducted covert campaign

 "The argument is not correct. Precisely the Pemohonlah, as candidates regent and deputy regent number 1, which many violations in the General Election in massive, systematic and structured, "said Related Party. (Nano Tresna Arfana / mh/

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