Review of Provincial Government of Jakarta: Judges Asked Petition to be overhauled

The applicant requested the Constitutional Court Panel of the Review of Act 29/2007 on the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta - Case No. 77/PUU - X/2012 - to request a total overhaul. Advises the Panel of Judges chaired by Judge M. Sodiki accompanied by Muhammad Alim and Hamdan Zoelva in preliminary examination in the court on Tuesday (14/8) afternoon.

Judge M. Alim Petitioner asserts that his petition can be clearly described, including the matter of authorship. For example, he mentioned how the writing of verse in Article 51 Paragraph (1) Law 24/2003.

"You must write the word 'paragraph' in small letters, not written in capital letters," said Alim.

Justice Achmad Sodiki responses to the constitutional harm. "You should be able to explain what the constitutional harm you. In addition, it should be mentioned in the 1945 article that is considered contrary to the law being tested," said Sodiki.

Related to the petition, Petitioner Sodiki also suggested that reading the Court's previous rulings, the things that became authority of the Court, as well as see examples of existing applications.

While the judge said Hamdan Zoelva petition somewhat elusive. He mentioned the word 'followers' in the petition. "It should be written with the word 'applicant'. If a follower, it is a Success Team," said Hamdan.

Hamdan also asked the applicant to change the application associated with the total authority of the Court. Then issue the legal position of the Petitioner, Hamdan advised Petitioner that express constitutional harm.

"What are your losses with the passage of the Act are tested. If there is no loss, you do not have the right to perform testing to the Constitutional Court Act," added Hamdan. The judges also said that the applicant can prove the tested article (Article 11 paragraph 1 of Law no. 29/2007) against the 1945 Constitution.

In the end, the judges asserted that Petitioner overhauled petition. For information, the petition is Suwarto, S.Sos as Volunteer Coordinator for Witness Jokowi Basuki Housing in the Village East, Sunday Market, South Jakarta. Applicant to judicial review on the implementation of Article 11 paragraph (1) Act 29 of 2007 on the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta.

Article 11 paragraph (1) Law no. 29/2007 on the city administration declared that candidates governor and deputy governor who gained more votes than 50% (fifty percent) defined as the governor and lieutenant governor elected. (Nano Tresna Arfana / mh/

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