Petitioner on the Review of Act on State Budget 2012 Presents Experts

Details of the state budget to subsidize fuel and LPG in the 2012 state budget is Rp 137.379 billion. The budget includes subsidies to pay the shortage of fuel and LPG in 2011 amounting to 706 billion, and the lack of subsidies paid mainly LPG conversion, approximately 3.5 trillion. Then subsidizing LPG gas conversions for vehicles is less than 54 billion cars. So that the subsidies allocated and approved in the 2012 Revised Budget is $ 133.118 billion. "The question is whether the indicators above, the total volume of fuel subsidy as agreed 40 million kilo liters and 3.61 million metric tons of LPG, whether the government really need a budget subsidy of approximately 133 (billion)?"

As stated by the Coordinator of Monitoring and Analysis Division of the Budget Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Firdaus Ilyas before the plenary session of the Constitutional Court, Tuesday (10/07/2012) afternoon. Joint session 42/PUU-X/2012 case, 43/PUU-X/2012, 45/PUU-X/2012, and 46/PUU-X/2012 formal testing and material affairs of Law Number 4 Year 2012 regarding Amendment Law No. 22 Year 2011 on the State Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 (the Act Revised 2012), heard the testimony of witnesses and experts.

Firdaus continued, so far Indonesian government said the rise in Crude Oil Price (ICP) from 90 to 105, if the price of gasoline and diesel is raised from Rp 4500.00 to $ 6000.00, then the subsidy burden will swell 170 to 180 trillion. This is the reason for raising the fuel. "Is the government in calculating the burden of this budget has been done carefully, is prudent, then use the existing data base, thus obtained, for example, a plan or a budget that is efficient, transparent, accountable, and accountable?" said Firdaus.

Meanwhile Yanuar Rizky in his capacity as an applicant expert, among others, describes the influence of economic downturns Indonesia. He said the Indonesian economy will worsen as the worsening exchange rate. While the exchange rate change following the movement of stock prices in the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) in Indonesia Stock Exchange. In the U.S. people buying fuel at market prices. But now financial literacy in the United States 76% of the United States has the financial instruments. "That is what, if oil prices rise, share prices have also risen. You can honey, you also have to be toxic. When we push the oil prices go to the commodity exchanges, are the people we get honey from commodity exchanges? "said Yanuar.

The problem is, when the exchange rate of change, turmoil in oil markets. According to him, chaotic-chaotic state budget 2012 showed Indonesia is a nation of traders. "We are not led by the investor. The state budget should be into an investment scheme. What is grown today; resolve our problems in the future, "he concluded. (Rosihin Nur Ana / Dodi/

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