Dispute of Election Result of Sabang: Petitioner absent, Constitutional Court Soon Make a Decision

Preliminary trial on dispute of election result of Sabang 2012 - Case No. 49/PHPU. DX/2012 - held the Constitutional Court (MK) on Monday (9/7) in the Meeting Room of the Constitutional Court. In the trial, was the applicant, Hirwan Jack and Saluddin Al Cassany for one reason or another, is not present. Even though the Court has summoned the applicant is worth.

However, the Respondent was present as Chairman of the artist KIP Sabang, Aceh Province. On that occasion, the Respondent submitted a written answer to the Respondent because of the absence of the parties, including the Applicant.

As a result, Judge of the Constitutional Assembly will soon PHPU verdict against the City of Sabang. "So because the applicant was not present, then this trial we deem sufficient and we will be ruled on and you wait for a call from the Court about it, yes. Because you also filed a demurrer and we shall consider, yes," said Justice Akil Mochtar as Chairman of the Panel.


A number of objections

In the main petition, the Petitioner candidate number 1 delivered a number of objections, including the Independent Election Commission (KIP) does not make a decree Vote Count Result Recapitulation to legalize the minutes of the election.

"However, direct the Respondent issued a Decision on the Determination KIP Sabang Candidate Mayor and Deputy Mayor Elected Sabang in the Second Round General Election of 2012. In addition, Respondent issued a Decision Summary Minutes of Sound Acquisition and Determination of Results Candidate Elected Mayor and Vice Mayor Sabang Second Round General Election of 2012," explained the Applicant.

The results of the vote count, the Petitioner objected to because there is a breach of a systematic, structured, and massive during the 2012 General Election Sabang affecting votes.

"The results of calculation of the Respondent resulted from the electoral process as opposed to the principle of Luber and Jurdil’. Therefore, the votes obtained by the Respondent determined the winner, not a reflection of the aspirations and sovereignty of the people are genuine. It is because of pressure from the tremendous feeling of fear and political rule of money," explained the Applicant.

The applicant is said, on the eve of the campaign last day of June 14, 2012, no division is known that the envelope containing the money to choose a candidate number two. The applicant is also known, that there was money politics carried out by the Aceh Party task force in each district and village levels.

The applicant also explained that while Aceh Party (PA) organizes social events for cataract surgery sponsored by the PA, it was number two candidate attended the 8 to 9 June 2012 at Sabang General Hospital and doing dialogic campaign.

Further, the applicant expressed that there had been threats of individual soldiers Aceh Party against women Yusnita wife named Abdul Salam, one of the successful applicant teams. In addition, there was intimidation of a person named Muliana in Batee Shok village, Suka Karya Sabang District.

That due to the actions of the candidate pair number 2 by using the masses and the army outside the city of Sabang PA, causing loss of valid votes Applicants should select the applicant.

"The voters so voting cannot get to the polling station due to the threat," said the Applicant. (Nano Tresna Arfana / mh/Yazid.tr)

Monday, July 09, 2012 | 21:39 WIB 108