Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Testimony for Thanksgiving to Supreme Court Justice Ahmad Sukardja

Decisions of the Supreme Court already has a post-reform academic composition that is more viscous than Supreme Court decision before the reform.Therefore, when the reform is pretty much non-career judges consisting of academics into the MA. And this academic influence is a positive thing for the future development of Indonesian law.

Thus was a piece of the views of the Constitutional Court Chief Justice Moh. Mahfud MD when shooting to give testimony in the event of Supreme Court Justice Ahmad Sukardja, Thursday (3/5) in his office. The plan, the video testimony will be broadcast at the time of the event, which will also gathered with the launch of a book by Ahmad Sukardja. Ahmad Sukarja itself will retire in October this year.

According to Mahfud, Sukardja Ahmad is one of the feel of an academic leader in the Supreme Court decision. "A lot of academic give color to the Supreme Court ruling," he reveals the role of Ahmad Sukardja. "That is, judgments that have a scientific perspective that can be accepted by society and have long-term value," said Mahfud. "MA is now a balance between technical and academic."

Not only that, according to Mahfud, Ahmad Sukardja who is also a Professor of Fiqh siyasa, has contributed quite a lot of thought in the development of legal science. There is a legal principle in Fiqh siyasa, namely Maqoshid Ash-Sharia.

Maqoshid ash-Shariah, said Mahfud, in principle, almost similar to the view of substantive law or justice progressives as a thriving now. Where, substantive justice is the spirit of upholding the law by not just sticking to the rules in writing only. However, further explore the purpose and substance of existing rules.” Because the purpose of the substance was never cracked by age, it is important for the enforcement of justice," he said. And, it’s also being pursued by him in the Constitutional Court today.

In addition, Mahfud assume, he has in common with Ahmad Sukardja way of life. Because, both derived from a small village, with a weak economic background, religious upbringing, and depart from the world of academia as a lecturer before treading a career as a judge. "When the school was equally life of scholarship," he added.

Finally, he revealed that he was ‘jealous’ of Ahmad Sukardja. Because, it has managed to retire well, without the problems that often ensnare other law enforcement agencies. "Congratulations, congratulation for done with safe and comfortable," Mahfud joked. (Dodi / mh/

Thursday, May 03, 2012 | 23:00 WIB 147