Dispute of Election Result of Pidie District: Witness Revealed Terror and Threat

The trial of Pidie District, Aceh - Case No. 20/PHPU.DX/2012 - held again on Wednesday (2/5) morning in the Meeting Room of the Constitutional Court (MK). Agenda of the session is proof of the parties through various witnesses regarding the 2012 General Election of Pidie District. As in the previous trial, the witness expressed a variety of terror, threats, intimidation still coloring the General Election.

Starting the trial by video conference, it was presented witness named Andri who was being threatened by Aceh Party’s member. It happened, said Andri, a few days before the Election of Pidie District. Against the threat, he actually had often reported to the Election Supervisory Committee. 

"We’ve often report to the Supervisory Committee, whenever there is a threat. Supervisory Committee said the party, if the threat must be proven and there are witnesses, "said Andri to the panel of judges chaired by Judge M. Akil Mochtar. But he never reported the threat to the security forces, unless the crime has to happen.

In addition to threatened, Andri witness firsthand a number of members of the AcehParty who threatened voters during the voting voice in the district of Pekanbaru. "Which one you want to vote? Do not vote anyone else," said Andri mimic elements of the party. Andrew added, voters are not choosing Aceh Party is considered a traitor by those who threaten them. They even threatened with death.

The next witness, M. Jafar as a team successful candidate no. order 8, explained that there are members of the Aceh Party that prohibit a witness at a polling station, District Bate. Jafar explained, the prohibition was based on the assumption that all who support the candidate no. order 8 is a traitor.

Furthermore, there is a witness named Mulyadi who served as witnesses at Pasir Rawa TPS. He threatened someone in the middle of the night not far from his home. "If you still love my wife and kids and still want to stay at home, do not be a witness," said the man who threatened him, which turned out to be members of GAM.

Next, the Court presents Witness Ridwanudin named as chairman of the sub-teamscoordinator successful candidate no. order 8. Ridwanudin explains the occurrence of a few days after the implementation of the General Election. When he and his friends were in a tavern, they were visited by a number of people.

"We were threatened with their deaths, wrapped in a sack that still supports the candidate pair number 8. Because of being a traitor," Ridwanudin said bluntly.

However, based on Ridwanudin story, he and his friends did not react strongly to the threat. Because he was worried that if there was a commotion at the time, will damage the store. Forced he and his friends can only be silent, to refrain from unrest there.

Besides Ridwanudin, there is named Bakhtiar witnesses that revealed the occurrence of retraction of billboards, posters and other attributes that support the candidate pair number 8. It happened a few days before the Election.

"Then as the Aceh Party campaigning, I witnessed firsthand the deprivation andpenyobekan billboards, posters by the supporters of the party," said Bakhtiar told the judges. (Nano Tresna Arfana / mh/Yazid.tr)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 | 16:03 WIB 121