Knowing the Library for the Assembly and the Constitutional Court, the Attorney Training Participants in Indonesia Visit the Court

Attorney Training participants from various regions in Indonesia have visited the Library of the Constitutional Court (MK) and look around the courtroom atmosphere of the Court in person, Tuesday (24/4). A total of 40 training participants before they get around the Court building had been given "enrichment" of the material surrounding the head of the Trial Court, who was accompanied by Head of Libraries Muhidin MK, Hanindyo in Press Conference Room, 4th floor of the Constitutional Court Building.

Muhidin open the "enrichment" material surrounding the Constitutional Court to clarify the task and the Bureau of Administrative Hearings Case in Court. He explained that the task of the Bureau of Administrative Hearings Case MK daily constitutional duty to help the judges to deal with matters that go to the table the trial Court.

Every case that goes to the Court will be received by the registration of the case the Constitutional Court on the ground floor of the building. However, the registration of the case to the Constitutional Court can also be done through the online process at the Court website. Although, for some purposes such as delivery of hard copies of the petition still have to hand it directly to the Constitutional Court.

All you need is underlined by Muhidin in the process of registration in the Court case, the transparency of case registration. "Registration in the Court case no cost at all," said Muhidin.

In addition, Muhidin also reported that every trial in the Court recorded and then put in the form of a treatise written in assembly. Minutes of the trial can be downloaded on the website at least a day after the Court proceedings. Not just a treatise, ruling that the case be heard in the Constitutional Court can also be downloaded at the website at least 15 minutes of the Constitutional Court after the trial was read. "All the information about our always updated on the MK MK website can be fathers and mothers see straight. As for the trial of concern of many, we redistribute the mass media, "said Muhidin.

Before concluding his explanation, that the Court has Muhidin said cooperation provision of video conferences with the faculties of law at various universities in Indonesia. Provision of video conference was intended to solve the "problem" is the opening of "branch" in the Constitutional Court, in other words only the Constitutional Court in Jakarta alone as the central government.

With a video conference facility is expected to litigants in the Court could not have come directly to the Court for the examination for reasons of time and distance.” With a video conference, the judges of the constitution can check here. The final goal of the video conference facility is to create a transparent and inexpensive justice, "said Muhidin.

Hanindyo who gets the next opportunity to provide "enrichment" material surrounding the Court explained the significance of the library unit for the performance of the constitutional judges.

Begin his explanation, saying that the library Hanindyo MK is still the pride of the Constitutional Court according to other agencies who’ve been to MK. Library Court is also often used as a reference library for the development of other institutions. That’s according to indeed Hanindyo be a "dream" of the Constitutional Court when the library is built. "When it was built, has love-ideals that the Court would be the library of the library’s most complete collection of his law books," said Hanindyo.

Collection of books in MK is supported by three floors of the library at the Court House, which is on the 5th floor, 6th floor, and floor 16. Specialized library on the 16th floor is intended only for constitutional judges, because it was adjacent to the Consultative Meeting Room. While MK Library space on 5 floors have outdoor reading room. "Any one been to the Court invited us to an outdoor reading room was as exciting and great for photographs," said Hanindyo while joking.

Before closing the explanation, Hanindyo confirmed that the function unit is a major library in the Constitutional Court is to provide a reference source for constitutional judges in making decisions on a case. "Because of its function to be advocates for judges to provide reference for decision-making, Library Court under Puslitka, not under the PR as in other institutions," lid Hanindyo.

After getting "enrichment" material, the prosecutor’s direct training participants visited the library and the Court courtroom. (Yusti Nurul Agustin / mh/

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 | 18:12 WIB 156