Al-Ershad Al-Islamiyya Central Board hearing with Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Moh. Mahfud MD was accompanied by the Constitutional Court hearing Hamdan Zoelva receive Ershad’s central leadership of Al-Al-Islamiyya, Tuesday (24/4), in the Delegation of the Constitutional Court Building. Attending the hearing was Chairman of the PP Al-Ershad Mubarak Abdullah Al-Islamiyya Al-Jaidi, Ridho Baridwan Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Council and the Foundation waqaf Nahdi Mubarak, and the Secretary-General Mohammad Noer.

During the meeting, Mubarak Al-Abdullah and his entourage Jaidi revealed several things. The plan to convening a conference Al-Ershad Al-Islamiyya to be held mid-June this year and some issues related to the management of waqf. For the implementation of the convention, he hoped, could cooperate with the Court at the event.

According to Abdullah, to coincide with the conference activities, the Court can do about the authority of the Court of socialization and other related matters. "To provide enlightenment," Mohammad Noer said.

At least, there are about 134 branches of the organization Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyya in Indonesia. "Congress this time coincided with a century organization," he said.

The intention was later appreciated by Mahfud. He said the bid invitation and cooperation are proposed to be studied first. "In principle we do not mind," he said. "In terms of socialization will be considered seriously."

Moreover, continued Mahfud, socialize and the functions and duties of the Constitutional Court is the duty of the Court as an institution and even all citizens.So, he would be very supportive for the realization of the plan.

Unfortunately, he said, now going by the state agency budget cuts related to the issue of government fuel subsidies. As a result, the Court must make adjustments and reduce some of the activities, one of which is related to socialization. Even so, he continued, the Court continues to undertake for dissemination activities can still be implemented. (Dodi / mh/

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 | 18:09 WIB 180