The First Stake of Center of Pancasila and Constitution Education Building

In order to promote return values of Pancasila and the Constitution, the Constitutional Court building Pancasila and the Constitution of the Education Center on Monday (16/4). It begins by building symbolically marked the first stake by the Chief Justice of the Court, Moh. Mahfud MD.

The first pole was made around 10:00 am, assisted by a number of constitutional judges including Achmad Sodiki (Deputy Chief Justice), Maria Farida Indrati, Muhammad Alim, Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi, Hamdan Zoelva, and Anwar Usman. In addition, the event was also attended by General Secretary Janedjri M. Gaffar, Registrar of Court Kasinaur Sidauruk, West Java Deputy Governor Dede Yusuf and Bogor Regent Rachmat Yasin

Hundreds of employees, both from the Court or from the Regional Government of West Java were present and witnessed the inauguration of the building located at Jl. Puncak Bogor Raya RT 03 RW 13 Sub-district of South Monument, District Cisarua, Bogor regency of West Java as the establishment of the Education Center Building Pancasila and the Constitution in order to unearth the values of Pancasila to the community.

Remarks on the sidelines prior to erection, Mahfud, as leader of the Constitutional Court said, that he said confirmed that the Deputy Governor of West Java, Indonesia that society is experiencing a problem  about understanding and appreciation of Pancasila. "Once we know the on Pancasila, the students also did not know right now, and it’s not just students," said Mahfud. Professor of Constitutional Law at the Islamic University of Indonesia is also said, "It is a principal that is not memorized, but to live. How can a man know not appreciate that.”  


Pancasila is Fitrah

Mahfud then believe that without Pancasila Indonesia did not exist. Because according to him, is an ideology of Pancasila. Ideology, according to him is the inherent nature of the Indonesian nation. "Therefore, any attempts to change the ideology of always fail. Because of the diversity we can not simply be eliminated, "he explained. Then, Mahfud judge serve as the ideological diversity of Indonesia which later became Pancasila. "Because of Pancasila be accepted by all mankind."

Furthermore, Mahfud said, if these things are not passed on to future generations, and not delivered to the community more broadly, the future of this nation will become dark. "So the possibility that we are not careful in the next few decades, there will be a nation of Indonesia," the message. "That’s why we established the Center for Education Pancasila and the Constitution," said Mahfud.

Establish the building, Mahfud said, stems from a meeting of state agencies in MK. During the meeting, it discuss how the future of this nation that the Pancasila and the Constitution are not properly understood and internalized by the community. "But not only the public, the officials also do not understand (Pancasila)," he explained. "Therefore, we (the leadership of state agencies) will work together to promote understanding and appreciation of Pancasila return it," he remembers those days.

In the beginning of his speech, on behalf of state agencies MK, Mahfud like to thank the Government and the Government of West Java Bagor, who has worked for the interests of the country, as well as to support the establishment of the building. "Thank God Mr. Vice Governor, the land acquisition process runs smoothly all the help Mr. Bogor regent, all district officials, village, and contractors," said Mahfud to the parties in attendance included the Deputy Governor of West Java.

Janedjri M. Gaffar explained that with this building and facilities expected to be a crater of candradimuka, both for citizens and for all people in society. It thus aims to study, understand, and interpret Pancasila and the Constitution in order to revitalize, internalization, and implementation of the values contained therein.

On the same occasion, Deputy Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf said in his speech that hopefully in the presence of this building can be a benefit for the state administrators. On the other hand, he also has plans to send a number of officials in the West Java administration to conduct a number of activities related to the Pancasila and the Constitution. "Not only that, I’m sure the teachers and principals, Pancasila training is very important," said the West Java government representatives. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Monday, April 16, 2012 | 18:45 WIB 135