Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court: People Safety is the Supreme Law

People’s welfare and safety of the state is the supreme law in this country. If you want to save the people of Aceh, in the supreme law which says that the laws create a dignified, though it is different from the law itself. And in this case does not conflict with the constitution.

This was conveyed from the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Moh. Mahfud MD When asked to comment on the case in Aceh in the event the General Election Talk show Your Voice Sound Constitution entitled "Election of Aceh," on Wednesday (25 / 1), At 19:00 pm, at Hotel Sultan, Jakarta.

Then, Mahfud also supports what the Interior Ministry to make efforts authority dispute of state institutions to the Constitutional Court. According to him, if such things are not done, according to the analysis of the Ministry of Interior, how the state five years into the future, if the largest party in Aceh did not participate? "Therefore, within the existing legal system of expediency, justice and legal certainty," he said.

The event was held in cooperation with Metro MKTV it in discussing the case presents a number of sources, including the Constitutional Court Harjono, Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi, Chairman of the General Elections Commission (KPU) Hafidz Anshary, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Elections Bambang Eka Cahyo Widodo, Chairman of Special Committee Draft Election Law Arif Wibowo, Police Headquarters and Head of Public Relations Saud Usman Nasution.

The opportunity afforded, Harjono said that the real Injunctions issued by the Constitutional Court with regard to Aceh can not be separated by previous decisions. While the lawsuit first appeared in the trial Court is requesting certainty to the Court, whether the General Election which was held without any 2 (two) things: one of which has not been any agreement with the government of Aceh Parliament relating to independent candidates.

In this situation, by some parties assume no legal certainty, so they filed a petition to the Constitutional Court. Therefore, there are those who waited after the legal certainty they will determine the attitude. The Court assigns the Constitutional Court’s interim decision only within 7 (seven) days. "At the end the decision was only known to the legitimacy of the General Election in Aceh. So time is not yet determined the legal certainty for those who wait for the decision, "explained Harjono.

With regard to questions submitted by the moderator, why Kemendagri submit the dispute to the Court the authority, why not do PERPU? Responding to such a case, according to Gamawan, problems that occurred in Aceh have long occurred. We’ve done a variety of dialogues with the people of Aceh, but the condition can not be resolved. So we did request the dispute to the Court. "I do this not run away from responsibility but to find another solution what is better," he said.

In the final debate, Chairman of the Commission to explain to people that run between the Constitutional Court ruling that ordered the KIP Aceh to open the registration again, actually it was a bright spot for the General Election in Aceh. "We have to maintain with all parties to the General Election will run well and smoothly," he hoped. We at the Commission and KIP Aceh are very supportive of peace, since peace is above all things. From Bawaslu in the final statement expressed readiness to supervise while the Head of Public Relations says ready to secure the Police Headquarters. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Thursday, January 26, 2012 | 15:57 WIB 191