Supreme Court did Comparative Study on the Operational Head to Constitutional Court

Secretariat Team Leader of the Supreme Court made study visits to the Constitutional Court in order to arrange DIPA and Operating Funds Leader MA on Monday (16 / 1) in the Court. The visit was received directly by the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M. Gaffar who was accompanied by Head of Planning and Finance Rubiyo, (Plh.) Head of Public Relations and Protocol Ahmad Budi Djohari, Head of Finance Tatang Garjitno and Head of Planning Pawit Haryanto.

 "We conducted a comparative study is to know about the implementation of the operational leadership that is run by the Constitutional Court. We recently commissioned a week ago to do this activity because we get feedback from the leadership to come here, "said Tri Diana as Head of the Bureau of the Secretariat of the Supreme Leader.

Tri Diana asked for an explanation of several things, among them regarding security assistance to the judges as well as performance benefits obtained by the judge in the Constitutional Court. Tri Diana admitted the absence of special security for judges in the Supreme Court. "The judge in the Supreme Court no one uses aide, occupational risk is greater when compared with constitutional justice. Like (which happens to) Judge Kartasasmita Saifuddin, it is the absence of safeguards. Security is only for the chairman and vice chairman. Therefore, we want to discuss about it, "explained Tri Diana.

In response, Janedjri also revealed that each judge constitutional security aide gets assistance from Police Headquarters. According to Janedjri, a part to provide security and comfort in working for judges. "The Constitutional Court has always sought to promote safety and convenience for the constitution so that judges can work well and quietly. Not only had that, always trying to put the welfare of the Constitutional Court, not only for constitutional justice, but also for employees, "said Janedjri.

Then respond to the issue of constitutional justice employment benefits are far greater than with Supreme Court judges, Janedjri openly explained that the constitutional judge the performance benefits tailored to judge the performance of its own constitution and administered in accordance with reasonable standards of special case handling fee according to the applicable rules of finance ministers."The issue may come when the legislative elections. Implementation of the trial is so dense and many of course affect the amount of performance benefits. But that happens only every legislative elections come once every five years. We also provide performance benefits not arbitrary because it adapted to the presence of constitutional judges in each trial. We always asked the father and mother the judge to sign the present evidence, "he explained.

According to Janedjri, MK works by giving priority to the mission and tasks that must be implemented to create a clean judiciary and reliable. The whole program of activities organized by this Court, then adjusted to the existing budget. "After the mission and budget accordingly, then all was wrapped in a regulatory filing. Existing rules as a barrier so that we do not make mistakes, "he said. (Lulu Anjarsari / mh/

Monday, January 16, 2012 | 17:23 WIB 174