Act on Marriage Judicial Review: Because of the Sickness of Main Advocates, Applicant Requesting One More Experts

Applicant Halimah Agustina Kamil Binti Abdullah (former wife of Bambang Trihatmodjo) through its legal counsel, Prof.. Dr. Laica Marzuki, SH, saying that the conditions associated with the principal applicant’s attorney, Choirunnisa Jafizham, which since the end of Ramadan was hospitalized at Cipto Mangunkusumo, Petitioner pleaded to the Panel of Constitutional Justices gave another chance to the applicant to be present in the next session of Experts.

"I want to announce to the Assembly a noble that there are signs of recovery against the principal’s attorney, Choirunnisa Jafizham. For that, we need the noble to give us another chance, " Laica Marzuki said. 

Laica added that candidates who had been due to be filed proposing the next trial is Sinta Nuriyah and Prof. Abdurrahman Wahid. Dr. Musdah Honor."Therefore, the judges would ask permission to give us the opportunity to apply both experts because they are getting ready and willing to appear before the Court," pleaded Laica.

Request being communicated in the Plenary Session led by Moh. Mahfud MD because in this time trial expert who is not scheduled to attend, as well as primary legal counsel is Choirunnisa Jafizham because of illness.

Against the request, Mahfud MD said, "Basically the Assembly did not mind, because otherwise there is a demand from a case that is disconnected, in a pinch. Therefore, the Assembly provides an opportunity to the broadest parties to the hearing. And, it seems to be no extraordinary thing that was going to cut. "

Even so, said Mahfud MD, Justices of the Constitutional Assembly continue to observe the principles of justice that is simple and fast. "That’s why we continue to provide opportunity, and for his time, the Petitioner immediately convey to the secretariat. At least a week before the time requested by the applicant, the time is given to the secretariat of the Constitutional Court so that invitations can be delivered as soon as possible. "

On the occasion, the Petitioner asked for time 2 weeks to deliver the second expert. Respond to these requests, the panel of judges agreed. "To that end, the judges of the Constitutional determine the maximum 2-week trial was held again in accordance with the petition. And, also to the government given the opportunity if you want to present witnesses and experts within two weeks of the trial plan, "said Mahfud MD. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | 17:50 WIB 199