Chief Justice of Constitutional Court Conveyed Scientific Orations in GP Ansor

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK), Moh. Mahfud MD conveyed current scientific oration at the Office of the Central Executive Ansor Youth Movement (PP GP Ansor), Jl. Kramat Raya, Central Jakarta, At 20:00 pm, Friday (19 / 8

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK), Moh. Mahfud MD, delivered a scientific oration at the Office of the Central Executive Ansor Youth Movement (PP GP Ansor), Jl. Kramat Raya, Central Jakarta, At 20:00 pm, Friday (19 / 8).The event was organized by the PP GP Ansor in order to commemorate the independence day of the 66th RI and Nuzulul quran. Present number of figures, including Deputy General Chairman of NU As'ad Ali, Director of the Wahid Institute Yenni Wahid, Chairman of PKNU Choirul Anam, chairman of the PDI Struggle Maruarar Sirait, PPP Secretary General Rohmihurmuzy, as well as hundreds of citizens, or who usually called Friends of GP Ansor packed the meeting room.

In his oration, Mahfud MD convey how the debate early in establishing an independent state of Indonesia. At that time, he said, there are two opposing streams. First, the flow of Indonesia who wants independence based on nationality. Second is the desire to build an Islamic state.

"Two are very strong desire. Both had good reason. At that time Bung Karno and Bung Hatta, the nation-state because the state wants us not just Islam, but composed of different schools of understanding and trust all of which must be protected. But at that time the Islamic group said, no. According to him, should the state of Indonesia into an Islamic state because 87% populations are Muslims. Cook as much as it does not become an Islamic state? "explained Mahfud MD.

After a long perdepatan and deadlocked, according to Mahfud MD, then submitted to the subcommittee and appeared Jakarta Charter. "Establishment of subcommittee was actually illegal. But what's in Bung Karno reasoned formality when the state in danger, "said Mahfud MD.

Principles like that also, according to Mahfud MD, who inspired him to lead the Court. According to him, the sound formality Act (Act) if it is incompatible with the public sense of justice, then he will leave behind. "So it should make a fair law. If the law was wrong yes we cancel, "he explained.

Mahfud MD added that eventually also for the benefit of seven words in the Jakarta Charter, was dropped. The reason is because the write-off Bung Hatta said he was accosted by a man who refused to Eastern Indonesia with the Jakarta Charter. "What causes it? Because of the Jakarta Charter was said, 'Deity according to Islamic law for followers-pemelukya.' Because the word of Islam in the charter that they do not want to. Based on the principle of benefit and for the sake of the country to uphold seven words were eventually eliminated, "he explained.

Making the Jakarta Charter, said Mahfud, the same process with the making of the Charter of Medina at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, for all groups, namely Ansor, immigrants, Christians, and Jews, all of which are tied in one gholidho mitsaqon agreement (agreement sublime). "And, the contents of the Charter of Medina that every person entitled to the protection of the right to life and rights, but everyone is required to keep order, as well as maintenance of law and justice," he explained.

In the context of Indonesia which this nation was built based on Pancasila, according to Mahfud MD, has been very good. In this country, said Mahfud MD, Muslims are not reduced because of any ideology. 'So the diversity we are not bothered at all by the state Pancasila, "said Mahfud.

As host, Chairman of GP Ansor, Nusron Wahid in a speech said that the independence anniversary coincides with 17 this time of Ramadan, which it means the same as or lower warning Nuzulul Quran Al-Quran on earth. "It signed that nature demands in Indonesia should not be contested between the conception of statehood and the conception of nationality, must not be separated with a religious conception," he explained. (Shohibul Umam / mh/

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